Astrology: The month of October will be hellish for these 4 horoscope signs!

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

The horoscope for the month of October is already available. Consult it without delay to find out what astrology says about your sign! There always comes a time in our lives when we feel ready to make changes. Most of the time, October is the most coveted month to start a new project. However, such … Read more

Bishop Daddy Schekina: The Holy Spirit in action or “techniques”?

Bishop Daddy Schekina The Holy Spirit in action or techniques

This boy weaves his web with two gigantic spaces in Abidjan. One in Bessikoi behind Angré, and the other at Km17 at the exit of Yopougon. This space is not yet built. For the moment, it is a huge tarp deployed, which can shelter 60,000 people according to those around the man. The purchase of … Read more

A strong comeback for the Nuit Blanche in Winnipeg

A strong comeback for the Nuit Blanche in Winnipeg

Tourism Winnipeg general manager Natalie Thiesen says she’s thrilled to return to an event that looks like it did before COVID-19 hit. The committee and the artists are super excited to be back on site with great projects, new installations, new activities and to see these corners of the city alive again. We look forward … Read more

Gerard Garouste. A painting belongs to whoever looks at it – Tribune Juive

Gerard Garouste A painting belongs to whoever looks at it

Gérard Garouste at the Center Pompidou, in Paris, during the opening of his exhibition, September 6, 2022. © Xavier Lambours/Signatures At the heart of a retrospective at the Center Pompidou, the second since 1988, the painter Gérard Garouste exhibits his conception of art as a game of signs and interpretation, where the viewer is at … Read more

Clairvoyants, astrologers, tarologists: can we believe it?

1022 pm 1111 am What do the mirror hours mean

Practitioners of the divinatory arts lack recognition. For the 20th anniversary of Delta Blanc, the association which fights to impose ethics in the profession, we went to interview its director, non-psychic and tarologist, Esméralda Bernard, who takes stock of progress in this area. The world of mediums, seers, “mages” has an outline that could not … Read more

From the drawings of the queen to the designs of the sorcerers who practice at the gates of Cahors

From the drawings of the queen to the designs of

Where it is a question of the #Lot and the #Lotois on social networks. – For those who have not yet been able to visit the exhibition of the works of the Queen of Denmark at the Cahors museum, Mary Bretagnolle posted via Twitter and her personal blog the booklet she wrote on this subject. … Read more