Presentation and perception of witches through time

Presentation and perception of witches through time

And there were gossips sitting there, By one, by two, by three… Witches and wizards have long been depicted in different ways throughout history, sometimes wicked, evil, cruel, naughty, sinful or so benevolent, protective, divine, warm in communion with nature or even adolescent icon. What we want in this article is to show … Read more

Divination par carapace de tortue

Divination par carapace de tortue

LA DIVINATION PAR L’CAILLE DE TORTUEdans la haute antiquit chinoisepar douard CHAVANNES (1865-1918) – 1911Article paru dans Le Journal Asiatique, 1911, Sr.10, T. 17, pp. 127-137.Diffus par sous license CC-by-nc-sa. Les premiers sicles de l’histoire de Chine sont fort obscurs ; la raison principale de cette imperfection de nos connaissances est que l’archologie n’a … Read more

What are Nostradamus’ predictions for 2044? – Parc Haute Borne

For many people, it is important to consult. Nostradamus, one of the greatest prophets in the world therefore intervenes to enlighten people. It makes it possible to bring a point of clarification to their various requests. Although the methods and the divinatory art of this prophet are not understood by all, many people nevertheless succeed … Read more

The divinatory art of cowries… the shells that tell the future

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest divinatory arts in the world. Practiced throughout West Africa, cowries are those shells that tell the future to the seer, to the clairvoyant. Based in the Hautes-Pyrénées, Aoua is the heir to a long family tradition. She lives not far from Tarbes. A discreet house whose ocher can … Read more

These enigmatic Sumerian divinatory livers – Sciences et Avenir

This article is from the magazine Sciences et Avenir n°827, dated January 2016. You can get it via a link at the bottom of this article. DIVINATION. No one is a prophet in his own country. This has not always been true! One of the main practices of the populations of the first civilization of … Read more

Pratiques divinatoirestraditionnelles chinoises

pratiques divinatoirestraditionnelles chinoises

Extrait de “Manuel des superstitions chinoises, ou Petit indicateur des superstitions les plus communes en Chine.” Par le P. Henri DORÉ, S. J. (1859-1931).Diffusé par sous license CC-by-nc-sa. Hien‑p’ai, vulgo han‑p’ai, la bonne aven­ture tirée par un oiseau.Certains diseurs de bonne aventure se servent d’un oiseau patiemment formé à ce manège, pour tirer des … Read more

Recruitment, strategy… The art of divination at the service of the company

FOCUS – This is a little-known facet of business consulting that tells you Le Figaro. Originally reserved for individuals, clairvoyance and astrology are disciplines that have found their place in the world of work. Were you recruited through the advice of an astrologer or a medium? Do you owe your appointment to the executive committee … Read more

The history of cowries: between trade, religion, divination and beauty – ACTUSEN

Cowries were the main currency in Africa, before slavery and colonization. But nowadays, they are of no importance compared to bank currencies. Nowadays, social changes have upset the importance of cowries. The advent of bank coins gave a secondary role to cowries. So much so that they are used as an object of sacrifice. Also, … Read more