Peter Duchemin: “The Tarots have been the driver of my life for 20 years in Hong Kong”

1675100145 Peter Duchemin The Tarots have been the driver of my

Peter carries out an original activity in Hong Kong: educator in kabbalistic tarot. The tarot is this card game popular with French final year students during inter-courses but also used by fortune-tellers for divination. Peter decided to combine the symbolism of the cards with a philosophical approach. We went to meet this Canadian like no … Read more

Centers of progress (27): Hong Kong (non-interventionism)

Centers of progress 27 Hong Kong non interventionism

Posted on January 8, 2023 – HAS + An article from Human Progress Our twenty-seventh Center of Progress is Hong Kong during its rapid transformation into a free market in the 1960s. After a long struggle with poverty, war and disease, the city managed to achieve prosperity through classic liberal policies . Today, … Read more

History and Stories of Lantau, Hong Kong’s Largest Island

At 147 square kilometres, Lantau Island is the largest in Hong Kong. However, it is much less urbanized than its neighbor Hong Kong Island. His story, meanwhile, is equally interesting. Smugglers and gangsters in Hong Kong Although inhabitants are reported from the Neolithic era, it was especially in the 16th century that the development of … Read more

RPG Review: Hong Kong [2022] by Natalie Z.

RPG Review Hong Kong 2022 by Natalie Z

Hong Kong – The Chronicles of the Strange is a contemporary urban fantasy role-playing game adapted from the Chronicles of the Uncanny trilogy of Bailiff Romain (The 81 Brothers, The Resurrection of the Dragon and The Heavenly Guardians) published by Editions Review then reissued in pocket format by Folio SF. If you want to know … Read more

CGTN : L’intgration de Hong Kong au dveloppement national lui donne un nouvel lan

Une nouvelle strategie cle pour la commercialisation des innovations quebecoises selon

Class dans : Science et technologie BEIJING, le 5 juillet 2022 /CNW/ – La valeur des changes commerciaux entre la Rgion administrative spciale de Hong Kong (RASHK) et la Chine continentale a plus que sextupl depuis le retour de Hong Kong la mre patrie il y a 25ans, selon le ministre chinois du Commerce. En … Read more

Epoch Times Launches “Hong Kong and the World” Website

Hong Kong, this special administrative region, is a place where miracles abound. A famous international city in a small place, with over 7 million Hong Kongers proud to work hard in this blessed land, free from natural disasters, creating a prosperous society with a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party … Read more