Children’s books – Esther Duflo, Nobel Prize in Economics, talks about child poverty

Childrens books Esther Duflo Nobel Prize in Economics talks

It is not because we are addressing children that we have to be simplistic. Esther Duflo sticks to it throughout the first books in a series that will eventually number ten at Seuil Jeunesse. The 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics invites young people to ask themselves the right questions about poverty. Awareness“We lived in the … Read more

The father’s signature, by Simon Brousseau, finalist for the 2022 Story Prize | Creation Prize

Food voucher E100 plus E50 per child for 9 million

The opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect those of Radio-Canada. Some people might take offense at the content of the texts. Please note that some texts are intended for an informed public. THE FATHER’S SIGNATURE The fifth-year English teacher, a yellow-and-gray man who was rumored to do his hair with egg whites, … Read more

The 2022 Fitzgerald Prize Honors Nick Hornby – YesICannes

The 2022 Fitzgerald Prize Honors Nick Hornby YesICannes

The 11th edition of the Fitzgerald Prize rewards the writer Nick Hornby for his novel Just like you, published by Stock editions. Nick Hornby Fitzgerald Prize: the prestigious Prize which recognizes Nick Hornby for his novel All for youwas organized by Marianne Estene-ChauvinPresident of theFrancis Scott Fitzgerald Academy and owner of the five star … Read more

Discover the five nominees for the Europe 1-GMF Literary Prize

EVENT These men and women are our everyday heroes. Their vocation is to engage in the service of others, and GMF pays tribute to them for the third edition of the Europe 1 – GMF Literary Prize. The jury, made up of members from Europe 1, GMF and personalities from the world of Letters and … Read more