List of Forspoken trophies, how to get them?

Forspoken, like most console games, allows players to obtain trophies. We give you the complete list and how to get them.

Forspoken is now available from this Tuesday, January 24 on PC and PS5 and within the title of Square Enix, you will be able to accomplish many objectives that allow you to obtain trophies.

We will therefore give you below the list of trophies, but also the objective to complete to obtain it.

List of trophies in Forspoken

If you want to know what is the list of trophies in Forspoken, well, the site PSTHC relayed those given in the game (source). Here are all the trophies.

Bronze trophies

  • Connections : Obtain a mysterious golden bracelet
  • Stuck : Travel through another world of fatal beauty
  • The stranger : Swear revenge on a deadly threat
  • Imperatives : Survive a nightmarish ordeal
  • Brute force : Win an encounter in a large fortress
  • A difficult choice : Taste the sweetness of peace and the bitterness of disaster
  • The blue color : Submit to otherworldly justice
  • The truth will come out : Win the event that closes all the events
  • Breaking point : Discover a painful truth and accept another more painful one
  • Misunderstandings : Win a fight in a fantasy reality
  • bewitchment : Hold the fate of a world in your hands
  • Renaissance : Bring the people of Cipal what they need
  • promises : Make a promise to a very special person
  • good rhythm : Earn Pilo’s praise with your dance moves
  • Deference : Address a full tribute to the deceased
  • Prosperous exchanges : Exchange miniatures for all available items
  • Bivouac pro : Establish a camp
  • Recognition: initiation : Discover a first monument
  • Recognition: deepening : Discover 20 monuments
  • Exploration: clearing : Discover 10 interesting sites
  • Exploration: progress : Discover 50 interesting sites
  • Initial progress : Spend mana to learn a spell for the first time
  • Full progress : Learn absolutely all possible spells
  • The call of the source: baptism : Obtain magical powers from a beneficent source for the first time
  • Learning : Craft an item for the first time
  • Arts and crafts : Craft a healing item and two pieces of original Frey equipment
  • Always higher : Dash 5 times in a row
  • High-flying : Move in magic parkour for 20 consecutive seconds
  • Tireless : Move in magical parkour for a total of 100 km (62 mi)
  • Elevation : Use Float to stay in the air for 10 seconds
  • Leapfrog : Jump over enemies 10 times
  • blow for blow : Execute 10 clean counterattacks
  • Without mercy : Land 30 lethal strikes
  • Radical : Eliminate 3 or more enemies with a single surge magic spell
  • Reinforcements : Use the Dissemination spell three times in the same fight
  • Fire : Defeat an enemy with the Entangled state using Sila’s magic
  • Dump : Electrocute 3 enemies at once
  • Assortment : Use Tannta’s 4 types of magic in a single fight
  • Another perspective: empathy : Complete your first flashback at a Monument to Wisdom
  • Another perspective: divination : Complete flashback challenges at 10 Monuments to Wisdom
  • ailurophile : Sympathize with all the felines of the Tanntas
  • amateur photographer : Show the children the photos taken in all the photogenic places
  • Exceeding : Improve all your spells
  • Invisible : Stay in stealth mode for 10 full seconds so everyone forgets you’re there

silver trophies

  • awakening : Exterminate a great evil for the good of mankind
  • Acknowledgement : mastery: Discover 50 monuments
  • Exploration: tracing : Discover 100 interesting sites
  • The call of the source : beatification: Obtain magical powers from all beneficent sources
  • Paragon : Learn all spells
  • Complete range : Obtain all pieces of equipment (except those obtained only through side quests)
  • Another perspective: vision : Complete all flashback challenges at Monuments to Wisdom

Gold trophies

  • Purge : Defeat all 4 Aberrations
  • Archivist : Unlock 80% of the archives

Platinum Trophy

  • Forspoken : Obtain all the trophies

Finally, we remind you that in Forspoken, you will be able to test different magic.

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List of Forspoken trophies, how to get them?

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