Around Lannion. Mother and daughter launch the Women’s Circle

Around Lannion Mother and daughter launch the Womens Circle

By Melanie Sparfel Published on 30 Dec 22 at 19:06 The Tregor See my news Follow this media Mother and daughter are committed to sharing and giving women the opportunity to express themselves by welcoming them to this Circle in Tonquédec. ©Le Tregor To Tonquedeca mother-daughter duo decided to embark on a great adventure by … Read more

Holom Holom women’s well-being day Sunday, June 25, 2023

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Holom women’s well-being day, June 25, 2023, Bordeaux. Women’s well-being day Sunday, June 25, 2023, 09:00 a.m. Holom11 places – €99 per day, or €139 with Kobido massage option.Enter a bubble of softness, perfect for recharging your batteries. Develop self-knowledge and reveal new potentials. Holom 91 rue Camille Sauvageau 33800 Bordeaux Bordeaux Sud Bordeaux Gironde … Read more

How the personal development industry harms women’s well-being

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Personal development has invaded the shelves of our shops and bookstores. But behind this catch-all term hides a new injunction made to women: that of going well, all the time, of getting better and, above all, that of constantly seeking to improve. Bdetox fish, fasting, kale at all meals, meditation, Positive thoughtyoga classes… The (blessed) … Read more

When women’s health becomes a business like any other

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From the digital application for monitoring the menstrual cycle to the yoga of hormones, women’s health, long neglected, is a rapidly expanding ecosystem, against a backdrop of the take-off of “femtechs”. But also a catch-all market, to the point of becoming a business like any other. A recent report by the consultancy firm McKinsey confirms … Read more

Leading the Lionesses: Sheila Parker gives advice to current England Women’s captain Leah Williamson | Football News – News 24 | News in France and abroad

Leading the Lionesses Sheila Parker gives advice to current England

As part of Sky Sports News’ Leading the Lionesses series ahead of the Women’s Euros, England’s first official women’s captain, Sheila Parker, talks about her professional journey, what it was like to play in her time and how the landscape of women’s football has changed since she was a player. Considered one of the pioneers … Read more

Michelle Wie West prepares for penultimate US Women’s Open after announcing plans to retire | Golf News – News 24 | News in France and abroad

Michelle Wie West prepares for penultimate US Womens Open after

Michelle Wie West will compete in this week’s event as well as the 2023 US Women’s Open before retiring Michelle Wie West says she wouldn’t retire if she hadn’t won the US Women’s Open in 2014, and has no regrets as she prepares for her penultimate pro golf tournament at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf … Read more