Around Lannion. Mother and daughter launch the Women’s Circle

Mother and daughter are committed to sharing and giving women the opportunity to express themselves by welcoming them to this Circle in Tonquédec. ©Le Tregor

To Tonquedeca mother-daughter duo decided to embark on a great adventure by creating a ccircle of women, a well-matured project which leads to a first meeting on Friday 6 January. “Based on our experiences and respective professions, we wanted to create a circle of women in Côtes-d’Armor. »

Isabelle, “holistic guide”, and Maia, healer, decided to to change life by “getting closer to nature”. They will be the “benevolent and complementary guardians” of these monthly circles, which will take place in Tonquédec.

Share the floor

Concretely, these monthly meetings translate into an evening, in Tonquédec, during which a group of women share the word, listen, exchange knowledge and experiences, all accompanied by a workshop “in correlation with the theme of the month”, such as meditation, relaxation, songs, dances, or manual workshops.

Through these workshops, we reconnect to this feminine energy charged with power and strength, this so sacred femininity. »

At certain times in my life, I would have needed a circle of women. It would have helped me a lot. I’m sure it can be very beneficial.

Maia Square

“I exist as a woman”

For the first meeting of the circle of women, on January 6, Isabelle and Maia chose “I exist as a woman”. The first three appointments are defined, “we fix in trimester to give ourselves the freedom to change the theme if a subject emerges from the exchanges. »

Thus, the second circle has the theme “I live through cycles” and the third: “I explore female archetypes”.

Winter is a good time for introspection and therefore for opening the first circle.

To exist as a woman is “to be able to express one’s joys, one’s difficulties, the weight of external injunctions (parental, societal, etc.), to address all subjects relating to our femininity, to talk about everything concerning our body, our soul, our desires, our dreams… By living fully the moment in sisterhood“.

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Escape from everyday life

“In our life and our daily life as women, there is generally little space to allow us to connect to our femininity in all its facets. »

Meditation, accompaniment, gentleness, sisterhood and benevolence, this is what must be remembered.

Isabelle Hay

“These circles are for all women who want to further explore this powerful bond of sisterhood by being in joy, gratitude and benevolence. We wish, through our circles, to create for all women, of all ages, a timeless moment in a rejuvenating and benevolent space. We will be able to deposit our voices, our words and our ills, our emotions, our feelings… In complete safety and equality. »

Premier Cercle de femmes Friday 6 January, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., 21 Lieu-dit Kerjean in Tonquédec 22140, price: €30. Information and registration: [email protected]06 40 31 71 73 or [email protected]06 51 59 03 53. Facebook: Maia julie caré – at the heart of energies.

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Around Lannion. Mother and daughter launch the Women’s Circle

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