Persecutions of former leader Jiang Zemin laid the foundation for China’s current digital dictatorship, observers say

Persecutions of former leader Jiang Zemin laid the foundation for

The former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin orchestrated religious repression unequaled in history (against Falun Gong in particular). According to scholars and activists, he deployed tools and methods for this that laid the foundations of China’s current digital dictatorship. Jiang Zemin died on Nov. 30 at the age of 96 in Shanghai from leukemia and multiple … Read more

In Scotland, the legacy of witches more current than ever

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Published on : 10/31/2022 – 19:36 Recharging one’s batteries in nature, taking care of oneself with plants: a few centuries ago, this could have led to accusations of witchcraft. As Scotland brings to light the memory of those who perished, the country also wants to honor the spirit of their practices, at a time when … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Mirage will not allow us to play in current times

Assassins Creed Mirage will not allow us to play in

Our colleagues from Gamerant had the opportunity to interview the creative director of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, so we learn that we will not be able to have a gameplay session concerning Basim’s present. Explanations. Although basic elements like the Animus will still appear, Assassin’s Creed Mirage does not feature any current gameplay. Ubisoft recently revealed … Read more

Morocco as an African example in the face of current political and economic crises

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Tangier Med (illustration) The press and social networks highlight, every day, the dissatisfaction of a large part of Moroccan society. These people refuse the recent increases in the prices of the products necessary for the dignity of their lives and declare that their salaries are no longer sufficient. The causes of this problem are obvious … Read more

Leading the Lionesses: Sheila Parker gives advice to current England Women’s captain Leah Williamson | Football News – News 24 | News in France and abroad

Leading the Lionesses Sheila Parker gives advice to current England

As part of Sky Sports News’ Leading the Lionesses series ahead of the Women’s Euros, England’s first official women’s captain, Sheila Parker, talks about her professional journey, what it was like to play in her time and how the landscape of women’s football has changed since she was a player. Considered one of the pioneers … Read more

Development of Maples: unanswered questions and serious concerns, denounce the current owners – Le Progrès de Coaticook

Mr. Mayor, Ladies and gentlemen of the board, We are citizens who, during the municipal council meeting of June 13, wanted to obtain information about the residential project on avenue des Érables. At the end of the session, our questions remained unanswered and our concerns just as acute. The expansion project has been talked about … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender: an overview of current regulations

Bitcoin BTC as legal tender an overview of current regulations

Some countries have adopted a neutral position; a few have imposed comprehensive and strict bans, while others have issued clear regulations for legalized use of cryptocurrencies. Going so far as to recognize bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. Today we are going to study the situation in the world. It should be remembered that this evolves … Read more