The season finale of “Servant” comes unanswered, as per Shyamalan tradition.

The season finale of Servant comes unanswered as per Shyamalan

The story of the couple who loses their son and recovers him in an inexplicable way, conflict of the series. Servantavailable on Apple TV+, has always been ambitious. Particularly because M. Night Shyamalan never seemed to decide on the explanation for the phenomenon. The first season kept all the information to itself and left the … Read more

Christmas: what is the origin behind the tradition?

Christmas what is the origin behind the tradition

The first Christmas would have been celebrated around the year 336, in Rome The Christmas party has not always been celebrated with loved ones around a good meal and gifts under the tree. Discover the story behind the tradition and how it has been reinvented over the years. Christmas has not always been synonymous with … Read more

Quelle époque ! : Les marchés de Noël, entre business et tradition ! – Dis-leur !

Quelle epoque Les marches de Noel entre business

La plupart sont des “galeries marchandes teintées de folklore transportées dans un lieu chimérique dans l’attente que se libèrent les pulsions enfantines d’achat”, comme le dit le socio-anthropologue Abdu Gnaba. Parfois, c’est la bonne surprise, comme à l’abbaye de Valmagne ou au Baza’r, à Sète : c’est un marché de Noël vertueux, comme une “parenthèse enchantée”, … Read more

Trick or treat ? How Trick-or-Treating Became a Halloween Tradition

Trick or treat How Trick or Treating Became a Halloween Tradition

THE TRADITION OF CANDY HUNT How did these ancient Celtic traditions become a party for children, the objective of which was no longer to protect themselves from the spirits, but to dress up and collect as many sweets as possible? According to the fifth edition of the book Holiday Symbols and Customsfrom 14e century in … Read more

The healthy wine-growing tradition of the Hospices de Strasbourg

1666055972 TV program In search of eternal youth on M6 Valerie

Above all, make no mistake. To get to the cellar of the Hospices de Strasbourg, you have to go down a small staircase just before the entrance door to one of the many buildings of the public hospital and the faculty of medicine in the Alsatian capital. Otherwise, you end up in the admissions and … Read more

The men who give the first name of an ex to their baby, a tradition as old as the world

1663142555 Actor Ethan Hawke reflects on Godard and grief at Raymond

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on HuffPost The tabloid press made a big splash of it for several days. Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine has come under fire for a cheating affair that might have seemed ordinary if his mistress Sumner Stroh hadn’t released screenshots of their text messages. Detail that caused a … Read more

This couple chose their last name by chance for their wedding, despite tradition

FAMILY – Céline and Dimitri let “fate” decide for them. They got married this Saturday, June 25 in Vendée and Dimitri took the family name of Céline. An approach still rare today in France, where in the majority of cases, it is the woman who takes the name of her husband. At 28 and 30, … Read more

Saint-Jean 2022: date of the feast, tradition of fires, history, all to know

Saint Jean 2022 date of the feast tradition of fires history

FESTIVAL OF SAINT JOHN. This Friday, June 24 is Saint John’s Day, a celebration of sharing accompanied by big bonfires that celebrates summer. What is its origin and what is the story of Saint John the Baptist? Summary [Mis à jour le 23 juin 2022 à 13h58] After two years of deprivation linked to the … Read more