Saint-Jean 2022: date of the feast, tradition of fires, history, all to know

Saint Jean 2022 date of the feast tradition of fires history

FESTIVAL OF SAINT JOHN. This Friday, June 24 is Saint John’s Day, a celebration of sharing accompanied by big bonfires that celebrates summer. What is its origin and what is the story of Saint John the Baptist? Summary [Mis à jour le 23 juin 2022 à 13h58] After two years of deprivation linked to the … Read more

Kaïs Saïed fires the Islamists, but brings in Sharia through the window

Kais Saied fires the Islamists but brings in Sharia through

Many commentators in France wanted to see in the draft reform of the Tunisian constitution concocted by President Kaïs Saied and submitted to referendum on July 25 a desire to turn their backs on any reference to Islam. Nothing could be further from the truth since the Tunisian head of state, more religious than the … Read more

Fires gain ground in Spain on last day of heatwave

LYSSYTCHANSK: The Russian offensive on the Donbass continues unabated according to the Ukrainian authorities, who on Tuesday reported “catastrophic destruction” in Lyssytchansk, a neighboring town of Severodonetsk, where nearly 570 people are now entrenched in the Azot chemical plant. On the diplomatic level, Moscow has again raised its tone against Lithuania by promising it “measures” … Read more