Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King – Le Salon Beige

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

The feast of Christ the King was instituted by Pope Pius XI on December 11, 1925, on the occasion of the closing of the Jubilee Year. It must be said that the secularism against which the pope protested at the time has now become more arrogant than ever. Religion would be a strictly individual matter. … Read more

Nantes vineyard. The Canaries Sud 44 feast with FC Nantes in the European Cup

Nantes vineyard The Canaries Sud 44 feast with FC Nantes

By Writing Clisson Published on 15 Sep 22 at 16:36 The Weekly of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this media The Canaris Sud 44 association, during its general assembly on September 9, in Mouzillon. ©HSM The general meeting of the FC Nantes supporters association, South Canaries 44, was scheduled on friday september 9in … Read more

Saint-Jean 2022: date of the feast, tradition of fires, history, all to know

Saint Jean 2022 date of the feast tradition of fires history

FESTIVAL OF SAINT JOHN. This Friday, June 24 is Saint John’s Day, a celebration of sharing accompanied by big bonfires that celebrates summer. What is its origin and what is the story of Saint John the Baptist? Summary [Mis à jour le 23 juin 2022 à 13h58] After two years of deprivation linked to the … Read more

Understanding the Feast of Blessed Mary, Mother of the Church

“Mother of the Church” since the IXe century Where to find the premises of this assertion? Saint Augustine and Saint Leo the Great, two fathers of the Church, glimpse its outlines. The first says that Mary is “the mother of the members of Christ “. ” The whole community of the faithful was begotten with … Read more

Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels: Giving them the possibility to exist – Vatican News

Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels Giving them the possibility

Every October 2 marks the liturgical memory of the holy guardian angels. Back on the mission of these ambassadors and spiritual protectors, servants and messengers of God placed at our side, and “who only ask to listen to us”. Interview conducted by Delphine Allaire – Vatican City “From the beginning of existence to death, human … Read more