Numerology: how the wedding date determines the destiny of your couple? Answers and more…

Numerology how the wedding date determines the destiny of your.webp

Numerologists claim that the date of a wedding can tell a lot about a couple’s relationship. Thanks to an accurate calculation, you will be able to learn new details about your couple, avoid many troubles and achieve happiness in love. He would help to choose the best date for the wedding and would be the … Read more

All the photos from the wedding of Taylor Lautner, the actor of Twilight who just married in California

All the photos from the wedding of Taylor Lautner the

For the record, the‘actor Taylor Lautner has met Taylor Dome in 2017, during a party organized at his home. She is his sister, Makenawho introduced her to this nurse specializing in mental health (founder of the blog Lemons by Tay and the non-profit association The Lemons Foundation). Before this meeting, she even said to him: … Read more

French designer Julia Toledano wore Dior for her civil wedding in Paris but also for her magnificent ceremony in Turkey

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

Julia Toledanothe founder and designer behind the fashionable shoe brand Nodaletoand the sports agent Roman Ichbia have known each other since they were 6 years old. Between these childhood friends, the idyll is born shortly after having blown out their fourteenth candle. “We had ups and downs, we were separated for a few years but … Read more

In Saint-Tropez, Sarah Staudinger created her own wedding dress to marry Ari Emanuel

For the late afternoon, Sarah Staud wanted to wear something a little more retro. His team therefore created a look consisting of a shell skirt and a man’s shirt tied in the front to end the day in style. A tailor-made wedding dress, nugget from Sarah Staudinger On the morning of D-Day, the bride wore … Read more

This couple chose their last name by chance for their wedding, despite tradition

FAMILY – Céline and Dimitri let “fate” decide for them. They got married this Saturday, June 25 in Vendée and Dimitri took the family name of Céline. An approach still rare today in France, where in the majority of cases, it is the woman who takes the name of her husband. At 28 and 30, … Read more

Christine Bravo married: she reveals her unique list of wedding gifts

Christine Bravo married she reveals her unique list of wedding

Freshly married to Stéphane Bachot, Christine Bravo unveiled, on Instagram, her unique list of wedding gifts. Find out more below. Christine Bravo is currently in heaven and is not about to come down from her little cloud. This Saturday, June 11, 2022, the 66-year-old host said “yes” to Stéphane Bachot, who has shared his life … Read more

Astro: what hairstyle for your wedding according to your astrological sign

The season of love 2022 has arrived. The time to say YES is approaching! If you plan to do your wedding this summer 2022you have probably already planned your bridal outfit from head to toes. But you lack in this choice an essential opinion: that of the stars. Your astro sign is often very accurate … Read more