Märtha Louise of Norway remains princess but renounces her official duties

Martha Louise of Norway remains princess but renounces her official

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, who is about to marry the controversial Californian shaman Durek Verrett, will keep her title but must give up all her patronage. King Harald V of Norway has decided. No question of withdrawing his title from his daughter. Märtha Louise remains a princess, even after her future marriage to Durek … Read more

A decade later, XCOM: Enemy Unknown remains the best franchise reboot of all time

A decade later XCOM Enemy Unknown remains the best franchise

It’s hard to believe, but today it’s been ten years since XCOM: Unknown Enemy was first published. A lot has changed in the gaming world over the ensuing decade – but for my money, Firaxis’ vision of a modern XCOM game remains the best video game franchise reboot to ever exist. Still setting the bar … Read more

The remains of a “vampire woman” with a sickle on her neck and a padlocked toe discovered in Poland

The remains of a vampire woman with a sickle on

The burial is somewhat unusual, scientists say. In a 17th century cemetery in the village of Pień, Poland, researchers from Nicholas Copernicus University in the nearby town of Toruń have indeed made a strange discovery: the remains of a woman pinned to the ground by a sickle at of the throat, with the big toe … Read more

United States. Uvalde school shooting: Why Texas remains a “paradise” for guns

48 hours after the terrible massacre which mourned Tuesday evening the school of Uvalde, in the west of Texas, it is in Houston, more in the east, that will take place on Friday the annual convention of the National Riffle Association, the all-powerful “NRA”the arms lobby in the United States, the first since the start … Read more