A decade later, XCOM: Enemy Unknown remains the best franchise reboot of all time

A decade later XCOM Enemy Unknown remains the best franchise

It’s hard to believe, but today it’s been ten years since XCOM: Unknown Enemy was first published. A lot has changed in the gaming world over the ensuing decade – but for my money, Firaxis’ vision of a modern XCOM game remains the best video game franchise reboot to ever exist. Still setting the bar … Read more

Case law. Ynna Holding vs Five FCB: the deal of the decade – Media24

Investment Charter what the draft framework law says

Ynna Holding and Five FCB meet for a new round to the Commercial Court of Appeal. This same jurisdiction which, in 2015, had won the case for the French group, has just suffered a disavowal from the Court of Cassation. It will have to deal with the file a second time, and according to the … Read more