Harry Potter: the franchise soon to return to cinemas?

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

Faced with the global success of the Harry Potter saga, the phenomenon could well make its big comeback in cinema. While since 2011, Harry Potter no longer appears in the cinema, an astonishing declaration opens the doors of the possible. In effect, the saga could well return to the big screen. MCE TV tells you … Read more

Best Franchise Quotes, Ranked | Pretty Reel

Best Franchise Quotes Ranked Pretty Reel

Directed by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool is, undeniably, one of the funniest superhero movies in modern history, so it’s no surprise that it became a critical and commercial hit that saw a sequel. , Deadpool 2, will be released soon after, with Deadpool 3 currently in development. Indeed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the highly anticipated … Read more

Every Movie and Title in the Franchise, Ranked | Pretty Reel

The omen. The very name strikes fear into familiar viewers. The iconic original film from Superman director Richard Donner is a dark tale about the rise of the Antichrist via a young boy. The film was one of the scariest of its time, and it still manages to scare even the most grizzled horror dog. … Read more

A decade later, XCOM: Enemy Unknown remains the best franchise reboot of all time

A decade later XCOM Enemy Unknown remains the best franchise

It’s hard to believe, but today it’s been ten years since XCOM: Unknown Enemy was first published. A lot has changed in the gaming world over the ensuing decade – but for my money, Firaxis’ vision of a modern XCOM game remains the best video game franchise reboot to ever exist. Still setting the bar … Read more

Star Wars : Dans quel ordre chronologique faut-il regarder l’ensemble des films et séries de la franchise ?

Star Wars Dans quel ordre chronologique faut il regarder lensemble

Comment regarder la totalité de la saga Star Wars dans l’ordre ? Pour réussir à s’y retrouver parmi les prélogies, spin-offs et contenus exclusifs sur Disney+, voici quelques conseils pour suivre la «Timeline» officielle. Il y a quelques mois, face à «l’angoisse» grandissante des fans, l’entreprise avait d’ailleurs fait une petite piqûre de rappel, avec … Read more