Literature: “Colette is a woman of crazy topicality” for Emmanuelle Lambert

1673710417 Literature Colette is a woman of crazy topicality for Emmanuelle

We never stopped reading Colette (1873-1954), but probably not enough. Why ? She is one of our great writers and yet, we tend to underestimate her. Is it the comparison with his contemporary Marcel Proust, whose centenary we have just celebrated and who, in certain ways, resembles him so much? May be. Proust, he was … Read more

When “the perfect man” is a woman: Saida Manoubia – Kapitalis

When the perfect man is a woman Saida Manoubia –

The surprisingly “modern” story of Lalla Manoubia, a Saida, a 13th century Tunisian saint. Her actions made her famous and of an undeniable moral quality but still make her the incarnation of a certain counter-power: she prolongs in her career the revolt against the symbol of patriarchal authority. Its antagonism vis-à-vis the public authorities is … Read more

Sign of Capricorn: how to please the Capricorn woman, this very shy one? – Here is

Star Academy what happened to Carine Haddadou candidate for the

The very reserved Capricorn woman keeps her feelings to herself. Not easy in these conditions to seduce her… We tell you everything about this astrological sign and its romantic affinities. Solid and imperturbable, the sign of Capricorn reassures. But by using reason too much instead of emotion, Capricorn can appear cold and insensitive.. However, behind … Read more

Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti case: 36 years after the disappearance of the young woman, her skull was found

Marie Therese Bonfanti case 36 years after the disappearance of the

36 years after killing her, a man confessed to his crime and told investigators where he got rid of the body of Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti. The case has haunted an entire family for 36 years. Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti disappeared on May 22, 1986. No one would see her again. No body will be found. But now a … Read more

Attract a woman: we tell you how to do it!

Attract a woman we tell you how to do it

To display Hide the table of contents How to go about attracting a woman? L’attraction physical is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a person presents an advantageous physique that corresponds to our ideal of beauty, this attraction also falls within the scope of sexual attraction that one person exerts on another. Thus, it depends … Read more

Haitian witch and voodoo rites: a woman tried in 2023 for the assassination of her wife

Haitian witch and voodoo rites a woman tried in 2023

The corpse did not fit in the trunk. The BMW therefore pulled out of the basement of a Parisian building on March 23, 2019, with the body in the back seat. After 45 minutes of highways and secondary roads, the three murderers took out the body and cleaned his nails and teeth with antibacterial gel … Read more

What if the next Messiah was a black woman

1666055972 TV program In search of eternal youth on M6 Valerie

Scholastique Mukasonga, Renaudot prize in 2012 with Our Lady of the Nilea Rwandan who lives in Normandy, mixes in her new novel, Sister Deborahfrom historical facts to the power of fiction and storytelling. We are in the 1930s in Rwanda, then Ruanda-Urundi, under Belgian administration. A black American prophetess and thaumaturge has come as a … Read more

The Woman King: what is this action film about the most famous army of women in the world worth?

1666105636 The Woman King what is this action film about the

Do you really know the Amazons of the ancient kingdom of Dahomey? No matter your answer, you have to watch The Woman King movie. During the colonial conquestthe French soldiers had to face an atypical army, on their arrival in the former Dahomey : an army composed only of women. Today she remains the most … Read more

Woman owl tattoo: Meaning and 30 ideas in pictures to appropriate this motif full of symbolism

Woman owl tattoo Meaning and 30 ideas in pictures to

Tattoos are far from being mere decorations on the skin. Rather, they present works of art that are loaded with meaning, symbolism and emotion. Getting a tattoo is probably one of the most personal and permanent decisions you can make in your life. It is therefore important to think carefully about the motif and the … Read more