Barbro Karlén, The Woman Who Says She’s Reincarnated Anne Frank

Barbro Karlén thought she was different as a child, but didn’t know why until she read Anne Frank’s diary – and realized she had lived like Frank in a past life. YoutubeBarbro Karlén claims to remember details of Anne Frank’s childhood before the Holocaust. Throughout history, many have wondered if reincarnation could happen, either from … Read more

“The Woman of the Lord”: Madeleine Delbrêl, a mystic in her works

1022 pm 1111 am What do the mirror hours mean

The Lord’s Wife. Madeleine Delbrêl in her works by Claude Langlois Venison, 404 p., €25 What a bulimia of writing! Madeleine Delbrêl, during her lifetime (1904-1964), published five books, around thirty articles, or 850 printed pages. After his death came the posthumous works, three volumes of 800 pages and unpublished ones. Then a plethora of … Read more

Capricorn woman: how to seduce her? – Here is

Surfin Bitcoin Laundering and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Rigorous and pragmatic personality, the Capricorn woman does not easily reveal her feelings. Here are some ways to better understand this astrological sign and learn everything about their love compatibility. Solid and imperturbable, the sign of Capricorn reassures. But by using reason too much instead of emotion, Capricorn can appear cold and insensitive.. However, behind … Read more

“Saint Omer”: the woman behind the infanticide

La dimension collective du mal a travers lhistoire sous la

Frontal and rigorous. There are no other words to describe Alice Diop’s approach in Saint-Omerpresented this Wednesday afternoon in Competition at the 79th Venice Film Festival. Recognized French documentary filmmaker, Alice Diop proposed in particular, in We, presented in Berlin in 2021, the portrait of a plural France by following line B of the RER, … Read more

The remains of a “vampire woman” with a sickle on her neck and a padlocked toe discovered in Poland

The remains of a vampire woman with a sickle on

The burial is somewhat unusual, scientists say. In a 17th century cemetery in the village of Pień, Poland, researchers from Nicholas Copernicus University in the nearby town of Toruń have indeed made a strange discovery: the remains of a woman pinned to the ground by a sickle at of the throat, with the big toe … Read more

Gabon: Live inoculation, by a pastor, of a 3-month-old fetus in the womb of a woman | | News from Gabon |

Gabon Live inoculation by a pastor of a 3 month old fetus

Jesus, a big business. It pushes its promoters to the most implausible hoaxes: the “prophet” Emmanuel Ndzoma has just revolutionized “in vitro” fertilization by inseminating a three-month-old fetus to a lady allegedly seeking to procreate. In any case, the supposed miracle stinks of manipulation. Dismantling of a sleight of hand that caused an outcry in … Read more

Hair loss for 50-year-old woman: How to stop hair loss naturally during menopause?

Hair loss for 50 year old woman How to stop hair loss

Female androgenetic alopecia – a fairly common problem that affects many women around the world. For those of you who are unaware of this term, it is hair loss in women which, in the majority of cases, occurs at menopause. Why ? Are there effective treatment and means of prevention? Our editors tell you everything. … Read more