PARADISE LOST + HANGMAN’S CHAIR @ Strasbourg (La Laiterie)

Scheduling a metal concert on a Monday in a provincial venue is daring. Even for such a big PARADISE LOST. To my great surprise, the Laiterie stage is in a wide configuration, with bleachers, and it is slowly filling up. It sweeps away my concern, we’re going to go up to 600 or 700 people … Read more

Ticket To Paradise: where was this rom-com with George Clooney and Julia Roberts shot?

Ticket To Paradise where was this rom com with George Clooney

In theaters since Wednesday, “Ticket To Paradise” brings together the duo George Clooney-Julia Roberts in an idyllic setting. But where was this romantic comedy filmed? Ticket to Paradise by Ol Parker Starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kaitlyn Dever… What is it about ? An estranged couple come together to try to stop their daughter from … Read more

United States. Uvalde school shooting: Why Texas remains a “paradise” for guns

48 hours after the terrible massacre which mourned Tuesday evening the school of Uvalde, in the west of Texas, it is in Houston, more in the east, that will take place on Friday the annual convention of the National Riffle Association, the all-powerful “NRA”the arms lobby in the United States, the first since the start … Read more

Tree peonies: when and how to plant and flower to have a garden paradise?

Tree peonies when and how to plant and flower to

Tree peonies are known to be very beautiful. If you’re looking to add a colorful bush to your garden, this is the winner! Why ? Well, their maintenance is not difficult, but they still have some peculiarities. They bloom and grow and become an amazing centerpiece in the garden, bringing joy and a fun atmosphere … Read more