Human remains and rusty scalpels: the discovery of a “temple” sends shivers down the spine

In the Hautes-Pyrénées three young men discovered bones in what could be a temple.

It is a horrifying discovery. In the town of Trébons in the Hautes-Pyrénées, a skull and bones were discovered on the night of Friday to Saturday December 2, 2022. Three young urban exploration specialists made this macabre discovery. They immediately called the gendarmerie who went on the spot with the criminal research institute of the national gendarmerie. The young men who discovered the bones confided in the Parisian. “We were that day in Trébons where one of my colleagues had spotted a series of places likely to interest us. In particular this building that looks like an old freestone castle with partly destroyed turrets, a collapsed roof and a large rusty crane, as if the works had been interrupted and time had stopped”.

It is 10 p.m. when they manage to enter the property. “We discover an underground gallery of impressive proportions. The walls are made of granite and large vaults give the place a temple atmosphere”. “In the center of one of the rooms, two small pillars rest on a slab surrounded by a circle of white paint. As if it were an altar on which pagan rites could have taken place… or Masonic”.

Animal bones also found

The young explorers continue their journey and will thus discover a skull and human bones. “We spotted two jaws that seemed smaller than the skull.” Animal remains were also found. “These remains are eroded and very worn, explains an official source. They may date back more than a century”. The former owner of the premises, whose membership in Freemasonry is established, was not known to the police and gendarmerie services.

Human remains and rusty scalpels: the discovery of a “temple” sends shivers down the spine

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