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Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

Tuesday, October 26 at 6 p.m., Laureline Galliot, currently in design residency at the ENSA (school of art) in Limoges, will give a conference at the ENSA during which she will present her work. Influenced by her practice of painting on the iPad, Laureline Galliot, designer, explores the new forms of pictoriality offered by virtual … Read more

Sophia Hadjipanteli: a model with a different standard of beauty but who leaves no one indifferent

Sophia Hadjipanteli a model with a different standard of beauty

Long mocked by her monobrow, Sophia Hadjipanteli knew how to transform her difference into a strength that even influenced an entire generation. Since then, feminine beauty has always been the subject of a particular injunction. This time when the criterion of beauty in women is to be thin but above all hairless is finally over. … Read more

Lebanese banking secrecy, relic of a decaying liberal model

Lebanese banking secrecy relic of a decaying liberal model

Lebanese banking secrecy, once considered a blessing for the country’s growth, has turned against a Lebanon now in crisis. Reformed several times to comply with international standards, banking secrecy has lost its scope without disappearing. The abolition of this legislation called for during the 2019 revolt to end the practices of political leaders accused of … Read more

Kylian Mbappé: the footballer in a relationship with a transgender model?

Kylian Mbappe the footballer in a relationship with a transgender.webp

Kylian Mbappe : it is the rumor that runs on the canvas at the moment: the footballer would be in a relationship with a transgender model. What is it really? Kylian Mbappé: as a couple? On August 27, Mathias Pogba, one of Paul Pogba’s two older brothers, posted a disturbing video on TikTok. In it, … Read more

2022 PGA Championship odds, picks: Computer model Tiger Woods predictions that nailed Masters arrival

Not too long ago, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson faced off in a one-on-one special aptly called ‘The Match’, which Mickelson won after 22 holes of play. four years later and Woods is in the midst of another career reincarnation, while Mickelson will not defend his 2022 PGA Championship title at Southern Hills Country Club. … Read more

Zazie is 58 years old: Coma, Physio, Model, Couple, Operation, Valentin (and Witchcraft)

Zazie celebrates her 58th birthday on April 18, 2022. Gifted artist, mother of Lola, 20, the singer, born Isabelle Truchis from Varennes, had some crossroads before finding her voice and her way! Intimate itinerary of a free, inspiring and “perched” woman. She made the first name of the heroine of Raymond Queneau’s novel, Zazie in … Read more