The battle for light by Valentin Retz: A sorcery

The battle for light by Valentin Retz A sorcery

Un physically unsettling, stylistically stunning and spiritually uplifting book. Let’s not cut corners when talking about Valentin Retz’s new novel, which seems like his three previous ones (Great Art, Double and Perfect Black) in Gallimard’s L’Infini collection, so rare is it to read a literary work of such magnitude. A narrator accompanies his nephew to … Read more

Zazie is 58 years old: Coma, Physio, Model, Couple, Operation, Valentin (and Witchcraft)

Zazie celebrates her 58th birthday on April 18, 2022. Gifted artist, mother of Lola, 20, the singer, born Isabelle Truchis from Varennes, had some crossroads before finding her voice and her way! Intimate itinerary of a free, inspiring and “perched” woman. She made the first name of the heroine of Raymond Queneau’s novel, Zazie in … Read more