« Operation Mincemeat », la plus grosse supercherie de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Operation Mincemeat la plus grosse supercherie de la Seconde Guerre

LONDRES – Cela avait été la plus grande supercherie de la guerre. Aux premières heures du 30 avril 1943, le sous-marin britannique HMS Seraph avait émergé des ténèbres, il s’était dirigé vers la côte espagnole, au sud-ouest du pays, et il avait jeté par dessus bord le corps d’un vagabond décédé d’un empoisonnement à la … Read more

Astrologers and mediums to the aid of the Russian “special operation” in Ukraine

Astrologers and mediums to the aid of the Russian special

Russian astrologer Pavel Globa speaks about the future of Russia at a conference in Moscow, December 2007. DMITRY KOSTYUKOV / AFP LETTER FROM MOSCOW You thought the conflict in Ukraine had something to do with Russian imperialism? With the personal ambitions of President Vladimir Putin? With the expansion of NATO? Mistake ! “What happens between … Read more

Operation Barkhane: leaving Mali to better stay in the Sahel

They seek and strike the enemy in the vastness of the desert, staring for hours on a large screen. In this motionless journey that characterizes the piloting of an aircraft at a distance, the crew of a Reaper drone engaged in the war led by France in the Sahel flies at 20,000 feet (6,096 m), … Read more

Zazie is 58 years old: Coma, Physio, Model, Couple, Operation, Valentin (and Witchcraft)

Zazie celebrates her 58th birthday on April 18, 2022. Gifted artist, mother of Lola, 20, the singer, born Isabelle Truchis from Varennes, had some crossroads before finding her voice and her way! Intimate itinerary of a free, inspiring and “perched” woman. She made the first name of the heroine of Raymond Queneau’s novel, Zazie in … Read more