DVDFr | MacArthur, le général rebelle : le test complet du Blu-ray

DVDFr MacArthur le general rebelle le test complet

Film de guerre produit par Franck Mc Carthy pour Universal, doté d’un casting de stars et d’un gros budget. Un discours à l’école militaire de West Point (qu’il considère comme sa véritable demeure) est l’occasion pour le général américain Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964) de se remémorer sa vie. Vainqueur de la guerre contre l’armée japonaise aux … Read more

Blu-ray release – Review Heat: the quintessence of thrillers

Blu ray release Review Heat the quintessence of thrillers

As Michael Mann tackles a sequel-prequel, it’s always good to come back to Heat, a major cornerstone of crime thrillers and heist films that comes out in 4K. More than a cult feature film, the latter still remains unbeatable in its category today, while remaining the emblematic work of its author. Back to this duel … Read more

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review: Family Conspiracy

4K Ultra HD Blu ray Review Family Conspiracy

Synopsis The wealthy Miss Rainbird hires Blanche, a young clairvoyant, and her friend George, to find her nephew Edward, whom she wants to make her heir. Our budding investigators track down Edward, whose main activity is none other than kidnapping… NB: Image comparisons (.jpg compression, 8-bit) are strictly for illustrative purposes and are not representative … Read more

reincarnations that lack consistency (in UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

reincarnations that lack consistency in UHD Blu ray DVD and VOD

Artistic note: (2.5/5) Synopsis A man haunted by what he believes to be hallucinations discovers they are actually memories from his two previous lives. He tries to integrate a secret society born a hundred years ago and composed only of people who remember their past lives and use this knowledge to influence history… • Original … Read more

DVDFr | Game of Fire: the complete Blu-ray review

DVDFr Game of Fire the complete Blu ray review

Historical adventure film on the English inquisition, with high graphic violence. England, 1685. On the death of King Charles II, Jacques II ascends the throne but part of the population is loyal to William of Orange, in exile. In order to control the conspirators, Judge Jeffreys relaunches the witchcraft trials, arrogating to himself the powers … Read more