Interview with Charlotte Colbert: “For me, genre film is the most honest way to deal with the experience of trauma” –

Interview with Charlotte Colbert For me genre film is the

she will is the first feature film by the visual artist Charlotte Colbert. She chooses the terrain of psychological horror to stage themes that run through her work, such as the traumatic experience and its consequences. This is your first feature film, what memories do you have of this experience? I think the first feature … Read more

Charlotte Colbert (She Will): “The trauma is lived like a horror film” – CinéSéries

Charlotte Colbert She Will The trauma is lived like a

Excellent horrific surprise of this end of the year, “She Will” tells how a woman manages to free herself from a trauma by receiving help from mysterious forces. For the release of this film with superb aesthetics, we met the director Charlotte Colbert. she will : beloved witches First feature film by the Franco-British artist … Read more

“France has incredible talent”: Charlotte, 99 and yoga teacher amazes viewers with her flexibility

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

For his third show this season, France has an unbelievable talent on M6, has once again surprised. The candidate, Charlotte, is a yoga teacher at 99 years old. And her demonstration proved to viewers that she had kept all her flexibility. the yoga is an activity increasingly practiced in France. Its benefits on the body … Read more

«La France a un incroyable talent» : la leçon de souplesse de Charlotte, 99 ans

« Vous êtes comme Will Smith et moi Chris Rock, je viens de me prendre une formidable claque ! » Éric Antoine est debout pour applaudir Charlotte Chopin, au visage plissé comme un bon pain de campagne. Dans ce 3e volet de « La France a un incroyable talent », diffusé ce mardi soir sur … Read more

Leisure – Resident of Léré, Charlotte, 99 “and a half” year old yogi, on the set of La France has an incredible talent, on M6

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

“I don’t realize I’m so old,” says Charlotte Chopin, with a smile. At nearly a hundred years old, which she will be on December 11, still in good shape, this resident of Léré practices yoga. With a confusing ease that viewers from all over France will be able to see this evening, at 9:10 p.m., … Read more

Television – The Cosnois Claude Chopin on the set of La France has an incredible talent for presenting the numbers of his mother, Charlotte, 99-year-old yogi

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

Charlotte Chopin should impress more than one. At 99, the Léréenne practices and teaches with exceptional agility and ease, for her age, yoga. A performance that earned him to be spotted by the producers of the M6 ​​show, France has an incredible talent. However, the centenarian in a few weeks did not know about the … Read more