VIDEO. Get back in shape after the holidays: yoga session for more flexibility in “Alors On Bouge en region”

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This is the 10th episode of our program “So We Move in the region”. Today: find flexibility with a yoga session between Yin and Yang, between softness and dynamism. Small excesses during the holidays? Want to keep a good resolution? Getting back to sports? We have the solution to help you stay in shape! A … Read more

“France has incredible talent”: Charlotte, 99 and yoga teacher amazes viewers with her flexibility

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For his third show this season, France has an unbelievable talent on M6, has once again surprised. The candidate, Charlotte, is a yoga teacher at 99 years old. And her demonstration proved to viewers that she had kept all her flexibility. the yoga is an activity increasingly practiced in France. Its benefits on the body … Read more

Flexibility: what are its benefits and how to become more so

It can be tempting to overlook the stretching aspect of training when you feel like it’s not bringing any real benefit. However, plenty of research shows that flexibility exercises and stretching actually have many benefits, including preventing injury, reducing pain, and improving posture, balance, mobility, and movement. performance. What exactly is flexibility? Flexibility is defined … Read more

Anti-stress, tone, flexibility, how to do yoga at home?

Getting into yoga at home requires motivation and the right equipment, we help you get started. To read laterSavedFollow #sport#sport Tracking Want to practice yoga at home, but don’t know where to start? Good for body and mind, we reveal its benefits and help you find the right equipment to get started. Why we do … Read more