Pourquoi les classes moyennes quittent Rennes [Interview]

1674583047 Pourquoi les classes moyennes quittent Rennes Interview

Comment se répartissent les différentes tranches de revenus à Rennes et dans son aire d’attraction ? Laurent Auzet : On s’aperçoit que les revenus intermédiaires sont surreprésentés dans la couronne rennaise et sous-représentés à Rennes, Saint-Grégoire et Cesson-Sévigné. Les hauts revenus, eux, sont davantage implantés dans un croissant allant de Pacé à Cesson, en passant … Read more

Benjamin Téhé, (politician): “We must make the slogan “Ivory Coast in solidarity” a political reality” (Interview)

15 combinations of signs to form the perfect couple

What observation do you make on the recent events which preceded the passage of the president of the Ppa-ci in the Mé and what should we deduce from it in view of the next electoral deadlines? HASFirst of all, allow us to express our deep support for a compatriot, a … Read more

Interview : Quelles nouveautés pour la nouvelle charte de l’investissement ?

Interview Quelles nouveautes pour la nouvelle charte de linvestissement

Boursenews : Dans ses grandes lignes, que prévoit ce nouveau texte ? Mouna Kamali : Si je devais schèmatiser, ce texte prévoit de nouvelles mesures de soutien à l’investissement, plus de garanties aux investisseurs locaux et étrangers et l’institution d’un comité ministériel qui aura un rôle central dans l’application de cette nouvelle charte.   Boursenews : Comment cette charte … Read more

Interview with Charlotte Colbert: “For me, genre film is the most honest way to deal with the experience of trauma” – Maze.fr

Interview with Charlotte Colbert For me genre film is the

she will is the first feature film by the visual artist Charlotte Colbert. She chooses the terrain of psychological horror to stage themes that run through her work, such as the traumatic experience and its consequences. This is your first feature film, what memories do you have of this experience? I think the first feature … Read more

Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira: ““Alma Viva” speaks of this Portugal of which we don’t know much”

Interview with Cristele Alves Meira Alma Viva speaks of this

In this opus which combines an almost anthropological realism and a tragedy of old tales, the director and director drew inspiration from her own experience to tell the ills of the population of an isolated village in Portugal. Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira. – Your film “Alma Viva” was made over several years, why take … Read more

Clashes, insults and scarifications: 5 skids of stars in the middle of an interview

Clashes insults and scarifications 5 skids of stars in the

A fierce war between Elton John and Keith Richards, an outburst from Joeystarr, insults from Serge Gainsbourg live… Number looks back at 5 star slip-ups in the middle of an interview. The Serge Gainsbourg / Guy Béart clash | INA archive. 1. Serge Gainsbourg insults composer Guy Béart live December 1986. On the set of … Read more

Tribute – Discover the last interview of Raymond Devos conducted in 2005 by a journalist from Dreux

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

This encounter is forever inscribed in his pantheon of significant, indelible encounters. It was on June 30, 2005, when a light rain cooled the atmosphere announcing a summer heat wave (already?) that Gérald Massé, at the time a journalist at The Republican Echo, meets the magician of words. A year later, on June 15, 2006, … Read more

Interview. In Crulai, a tarologist helps you understand “why you are there”

Interview In Crulai a tarologist helps you understand why you

By Alexiane Guchereau Published on 10 Nov 22 at 7:30 PM The Norman awakening See my news Follow this media Régine Demoulins’ office ©Le Réveil Normand How did you discover your gift? Régine Demoulins: At home, we’ve always done that. I had a Catholic upbringing. I even made my communion. But I saw that there … Read more

Interview: Patrick Sardais, tarology specialist, will be in Dieppe this weekend

Interview Patrick Sardais tarology specialist will be in Dieppe this

By Maxime Cartier Published on 9 Nov 22 at 17:54 Dieppe Information See my news Follow this media Patrick Sardais will be one of the professionals involved in the clairvoyance weekend in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). (©Week-ends of clairvoyance) As part of the clairvoyance weekend scheduled from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November 2022, the tarologist and … Read more

Interview: Hellraiser Composer Ben Lovett | Pretty Reel

Interview Hellraiser Composer Ben Lovett Pretty Reel

ComingSoon had the opportunity to speak with composer Ben Lovett about his incredible work in David Bruckner’s Hellraiser remake. This is the latest collaboration between the composer and director, who have previously worked together on The Signal in 2007, The Ritual in 2017 and The Night House in 2020, among other projects. Jeff Ames: What’s … Read more