Leisure – Resident of Léré, Charlotte, 99 “and a half” year old yogi, on the set of La France has an incredible talent, on M6

“I don’t realize I’m so old,” says Charlotte Chopin, with a smile. At nearly a hundred years old, which she will be on December 11, still in good shape, this resident of Léré practices yoga. With a confusing ease that viewers from all over France will be able to see this evening, at 9:10 p.m., on M6, in episode 3 of the seventeenth edition of France has an incredible talent, program presented by Karine Le Merchant.

Fifty years of yoga

Born in Trier, Germany, Charlotte Chopin was formerly an executive secretary. After growing up in Mulhouse, she spent part of her life in Africa, Cameroon and Togo. She started yoga “quite late”, she says, “just over fifty years ago”. “I had a friend who practiced it and who encouraged me to do it too. Since then, I have never stopped?! »

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“We lived in Tours and, when we came to settle in Léré, in a family home, with my husband, I wondered what I was going to do, remembers the almost centenarian. My yoga teacher suggested that I give lessons. I went to see the town hall, who welcomed me with open arms?! A room was then made available to me. It was in 1982. And I continue?! I give lessons three times a week and I have about twenty students, including two men. Some have been coming for a very long time?! »

The oldest contestant in the show’s history

This long practice of yoga earned Charlotte Chopin to be spotted by the production of France has an unbelievable talent, whose concept is to find the “talent” of the year, in the most varied disciplines. “It’s a program that I did not know”, assures the Léréenne. However, she had already appeared on television, in a report on the France 3 channel, at the start of the year, and that is what started it all.

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“A television crew came to one of my lessons and filmed me. A little later, I was contacted telling me that I had been seen in this report and suggesting that I take part in this program. We talked about it with my kids, and I said, “Why not?!” And I applied. “Becoming the oldest candidate in the history of the show.

Filming took place in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), at the Malraux theater. “Everything went very well, notes the candidate. I presented some postures, which had to be executed fairly quickly. And it seems to have rained?! »

“Calm, flexible”

Moved by the cameras, by the public, the jury of the show, made up of celebrities?? “Oh no”, simply assures the almost centenarian with a sparkling gaze. “She did not take the big head, notes Claude, her son, who accompanied her on the television set. And she wasn’t intimidated?! She was even very comfortable. In his lodge, a place to rest had been provided. She didn’t need it. At her age, she might have been tired. But not at all?! She impressed me. »

Intense, the filming was “a family adventure”, underlines Claude Chopin. Mother of four children, Charlotte Chopin today has “eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren”, she proudly lists. Several of them were in the audience, during the filming, came to encourage him. So where does such amazing agility come from at this age?? The Léréenne admits to having “always loved sport”. In the past, she practiced horse riding and roller skating. Yoga, today, brings him “serenity, calm”… “And above all, flexibility?! »

Vincent Michael

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Leisure – Resident of Léré, Charlotte, 99 “and a half” year old yogi, on the set of La France has an incredible talent, on M6

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