“France has incredible talent”: Charlotte, 99 and yoga teacher amazes viewers with her flexibility

For his third show this season, France has an unbelievable talent on M6, has once again surprised. The candidate, Charlotte, is a yoga teacher at 99 years old. And her demonstration proved to viewers that she had kept all her flexibility.

the yoga is an activity increasingly practiced in France. Its benefits on the body and mind are numerous and it is particularly suitable for the elderly. Regular practice helps alleviate some age-related pain and helps maintain some mobility. Charlotte Chopin, soon centenaryis the perfect example.

At 99, she has demonstrated her flexibility

At 99, the candidate has bluffed the jury of France has an unbelievable talent and put viewers under the charm. She arrived with a big smile, accompanied by her son, Claude, 66 years old. He was responsible for describing the poses. Balancing on one leg, one toe in her hand, she was able to demonstrate that her body had kept all its flexibility.


“I think you’re the dean of the show” 😲 Charlotte, 99 and a half year old yoga teacher comes to give a great yoga demonstration to the jury! 🧘🏼‍♀️ LFAUIT, every Tuesday at 9:10 p.m. on @M6 ✨

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Charlotte has been practicing yoga for 50 years

It must be said that she has been a follower since 50 years and was therefore able to improve its techniques over the years. “Yoga brought me serenity, flexibility of course, and clear ideas. It definitely helped my longevity,” she declares. The show also tells us that she loves gardening and crosswords. His daughter Catherine also testifies to his lifestyle. “I have never seen my mother sick, she is a force of nature. My parents were sensitive to natural medicine, light and healthy meals. »

She who is eight times great grandmother even takes the opportunity to share his long experience. She gives Classes three a week in Léré, in the Cher, about sixty kilometers from Bourges. She explains that depending on age, “you just have to adapt the postures”.

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The jury of La France has an incredible talent is under the spell

The demonstration finished on the set of the show, the public is conquered by ease of the one who will be 100 years old in December. In the jury, the magician, Eric Antoineis in love. “I just took a tremendous slap! “. For Helene SegaraThis is’ “A great life lesson. You are full of serenity. »

“You would be 70 years old, it would not be such an incredible talent, but you are almost 100 years old! Well done and thank you,” launches Marianne James. Definitely, Charlotte Chopin managed to put all the judges in her pocket. Except maybe, Sugar Sammy. The comedian Québécois tried a few strokes of humor and launched a “I felt like I was attending an autopsy”. The members of the family of the nonagenarian who had made the trip to assist in the audience on the show must have certainly enjoy.

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“France has incredible talent”: Charlotte, 99 and yoga teacher amazes viewers with her flexibility

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