Charlotte Saint Jean introduces us to facial yoga

Facial yoga is a natural anti-stress method. In a few minutes a day, it slows down skin aging. This yoga has existed for millennia and would have the ability to compensate for botox and other injections of modern times.

This facial gymnastics is aimed at the fifty or so muscles that make up our face. From the double chin to forehead wrinkles and frown lines. Our guest, Charlotte Saint Jean, introduces us to this practice.

The origins of facial yoga

Facial yoga has its origins in the yogic and Ayurvedic tradition. It is a mixture of several practices including reflexology. In particular, marma points are used, which are the energy centers through which vital energy passes. The use of these points in facial yoga stimulates the lymphatic system.

Charlotte Saint Jean tells us how she got to know this practice, which she didn’t like at first, finding it too superficial and in appearance. Then, how life made him come back to this practice in a holistic way to help his skin and his confidence.

Facial yoga is beneficial for both inner and outer well-being, allowing a kind of connection with oneself. Indeed, for Charlotte Saint Jean, facial yoga = confidence, skin radiance, mental relaxation, connection with oneself. Even more during certain phases of life, such as menopause, old age, during an accident, etc.

Face yoga techniques

Face yoga is therefore to be incorporated into a holistic practice, a way of positively affecting our whole body. Charlotte Saint Jean explains to us the inner balance of our body and beauty as a whole.


Facial yoga brings deep relaxation to the face, neck and head. It combines a selection of exercises for each area of ​​the face, acupressure and self-massage. Techniques to awaken the different layers of our skin and encourage elastin and collagen to come to the surface to plump up the face, while removing toxins from the skin through lymphatic drainage.

But then, what are these techniques? Massages, tapping, sliding, smoothing, palpating with our fingers and hands. Which parts are fragile? how to stimulate them? What forces and what material? Charlotte gives us her tips for getting started and distills some techniques to do right now.

Charlotte’s program

For Charlotte Saint Jean, facial yoga is a real moment of connection with oneself. A real opportunity to nourish and soften the skin and tissues of the face. Now is the perfect time to create the space and connection you need just for you, to honor the sacred temple that is your body.

Her yoga is based on her experience, her experiences, which means that part of her teachings specialize in identity and feminine energy. However, gentlemen, you can also find her online, on her website, her instagram or her YouTube channel, where she offers multiple courses for everyone.

Regarding face yoga, his program begins a next cycle from January 3. Ten days, which will be an opportunity to discover the various techniques – massaging, tapping, smoothing the pressure points, visualizations, mini-meditations.

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Charlotte Saint Jean introduces us to facial yoga

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