Leisure – Want to go out this weekend, in Moulins or around? Here are some suggestions…

Leisure Want to go out this weekend in Moulins

Bourbon-l’Archambault Dedications. Ardien Jansen signing Way for pilgrims and unbelieversat 6 p.m., at the media library. Lights on BourbonnaisMills: sound and light show on the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon and Malcoiffée. From dusk to 11:30 p.m. In May, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Bourbon-l’Archambault: from nightfall to 11 p.m., projection on the north pediment … Read more

Leisure – Visits with a flashlight to discover bioluminescent species, dance, yoga… The Orléans Museum as you’ve never seen it this weekend

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

The Orleans Museum will celebrate its first year of opening on May 19. Already, more than 74,000 visitors have flocked there to discover the fully modernized space. Laure Danilo, head of the Orléans Museum for Biodiversity and the Environment, and her entire team have no shortage of ideas for bringing visitors back and forth. “I’m … Read more