Discover South Korea differently: Templestay, staying in a temple in Korea

Discover South Korea differently Templestay staying in a temple in

Sleeping in a Korean temple, is it possible? The Templestay is another way to travel closer to South Korean Buddhist culture. We explain how to take this journey of self-discovery. You do not want to go through the classic tourist routes? Do you want to discover another facet of South Korean culture? Why not sleep … Read more

Publication: “Hope will come from the South”

Dhe 256 pages (medium format), the work which breaks down into 30 letters exchanged at the time of Covid-19 between the two mental health professionals, one practicing in Marseille and the other in Rabat, extends from southern Europe to Africa, between the two shores of the strait of the “mare nostrum”, through a discussion tainted … Read more

DRC: murders of women accused of witchcraft are increasing in South Kivu – La Libre Afrique

Doused with gasoline and then burned alive, the old Nyabadeux met an atrocious end after being accused of witchcraft, like dozens of women in recent months in villages in South Kivu, a province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. . Since the beginning of September alone, the local authorities have counted eight … Read more

South Koreans are addicted to divination

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on The Economist In cafes, in temples, in tents or on the street, between cheap clothing stalls and cosmetics shops: you can find tables of fortune tellers everywhere in South Korea. Some offer the Korean arts of morphopsychology (reading facial features), others palmistry (those of the hands) or tarot. … Read more