Finance bill | Why is the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture increasing by 20% in 2023?

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On the occasion of the presentation of finance bill 2023yesterday in the Council of Ministers, the ministry of agriculture was granted a budget of 5,987 million euros, up 20% compared to the budget included in the 2022 finance bill. How to explain this significant budget increase? Nearly 6 billion euros will be devoted in 2023 … Read more

DRC: murders of women accused of witchcraft are increasing in South Kivu – La Libre Afrique

Doused with gasoline and then burned alive, the old Nyabadeux met an atrocious end after being accused of witchcraft, like dozens of women in recent months in villages in South Kivu, a province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. . Since the beginning of September alone, the local authorities have counted eight … Read more