In Japan, “the last shamans sell hope, but they also give it back to the most desperate”

By Philippe Pons Published on March 13, 2022 at 08:00 Reserved for our subscribers MaintenanceHeirs to disappearing ancestral traditions, the shamans of Japan help to weave links between the visible and invisible worlds. Sociologist Muriel Jolivet went to meet the last of them. The modernization of Japan has in no way affected a host of … Read more

Publication: “Hope will come from the South”

Dhe 256 pages (medium format), the work which breaks down into 30 letters exchanged at the time of Covid-19 between the two mental health professionals, one practicing in Marseille and the other in Rabat, extends from southern Europe to Africa, between the two shores of the strait of the “mare nostrum”, through a discussion tainted … Read more