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Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are part of the emblematic couples of French reality TV. Baby, wedding… Their love was born in front of the cameras and ends in an Instagram post. Carla announced their breakup this Thursday, October 27, 2022, after rumors of Kevin’s infidelity marred their relationship.

This reality TV couple got together torn in front of the cameras. As their adventures progressed, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj shook the walls of the villas that housed them. Jealousy, deceptions, lies… Their comrades from Marseilles (W9) have sometimes tried to play the intermediary to try to calm things down, but often, even their friends have admitted to being helpless. Lately, the couple has fallen out with a good part of the clan. Proof, only a Marseillais was present at their wedding.

Happy parents of little Ruby, they still tried to live a cloudless family life… but that was without counting the arguments. A relationship tested many times overas after the witchcraft accusations that targeted Carla. The latest accusation has obviously been the one too many. At the beginning of the month, the reality TV candidate Belle Longwell claimed in a video that Kevin Guedj cheated on his wife with her. This Thursday, October 27, 2022, Carla Moreau came out of silence to announce sad news.

Carla Moreau imagined her life “with a completely different future”

“I’m ready to tell you everything… I think thatit’s time to announce my breakup with Kevin. I’m not telling you that I’ve had very complicated days lately, this situation is difficult to live with, but it is nevertheless inevitable. I’m not going to go into details, it took me some time to accept it and see it clearly, learn a lot of things to realize that our paths had to separate”, she writes in an Instagram post.

“I never would have imagined a few months after my wedding have to make this decision. I necessarily imagined my life with a completely different future than the one I’m about to live, but i am confident. Ruby is my strength and I will do everything for her happiness, bring her the best future and preserve it at all costs.” For a few days, internet users suspected that Carla Moreau was separated from her husband: a glaring detail had caught their attention.

“You will bounce back, that’s for sure”

“Thank you for respecting this decision, I wish to resume the course of my life in good conditions, towards a healthier and more pure life”, she concludes. Soon, Internet users flooded his post with comforting messages: “Strength and courage…the best is yet to come. You lose nothing. It’s not failure but freedom for a better life“, “It’s really sad, but if you make this decision, it’s because it’s the best for you and we’ll always be there for you my beauty! We won’t let you go, be sure“, “Courage, you will bounce back, that’s for sure“. More surprisingly, Kevin Guedj also commented on this postwriting: “You’re the blood anyway”, all with a little heart. A separation, it seems, by mutual agreement.

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Carla Moreau separated: she announces her breakup with Kevin Guedj, internet users react – X Gossip

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