The Marseillais: Julien Tanti launched a new spade at Carla Moreau?

On Instagram, Julien Tanti (Les Marseillais) shared a message. Fans are convinced that this is a spade against Carla Moreau!

A few years ago, Carla Moreau found herself at the heart of a case that made the rounds of the Web. Many have it accused of practicing witchcraft. Since then, she has lost many friends in the Marseillais family.

Quite complex friendships

For many years, Carla Moreau participated in the Marseillais with Julien Tanti, Jessica Thivenin, Stéphanie Durant, Benjamin Samat, Kevin Guedj and many others. She was doing integral part of the family.

But over the years, the relationship between Carla Moreau and the other candidates began to deteriorate. After a long friendship with Manon Marsault, the two have ended their relationship.

Several candidates from Marseille have also started to distance themselves from the pretty blonde. Soon after, the witchcraft case came to light. It was at this time that the mother of Ruby and Kevin Guedj left the show.

They decided to carry out their project on their own. And the least we can say is that they seemed to live the perfect love far from the problems of reality TV. But everything has recently changed.

Fans learned that Kevin Guedj cheated on Carla Moreau in the Battle of Couples, with Belle. For their part, Jazz and Laurent have never hidden that they did not appreciate Ruby’s mother at all.

There have also been many clashes between Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) and Jazz. And the adage: the enemies of my enemies are my friends has never been so true. Indeed, the JLC Family is very close to the Tanti.

Julien Tanti (Les Marseillais) tackles Carla Moreau?

This week, Julien Tanti (Les Marseillais) and Manon Marsault spent an evening with the JLC clan. During this evening, the reality TV candidate also launched a targeted tackle to Carla Moreau.

Indeed, he shared a photo in Story of his Instagram account. And wrote: “witchcraft in couscous, it’s all couscous”. All with a laughing smiley. It was enough for the fans to react.

Some are convinced that Julien Tanti (Les Marseillais) has clearly tackled Carla Moreau. For the moment, the latter has not decided to react. It seems that this case is a thing of the past.

From now on, the young woman has decided to take back control of your life. She is moving forward despite her breakup with Kevin Guedj. So far, she hasn’t said much about her plans for the sequel.

Some wonder if Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj (Les Marseillais) will divorce. But that’s not all. Others also seem convinced that the young man will return to W9 with his old friends.

For the moment, nothing is confirmed. But Kevin Guedj would have already decided to get closer to Cynthia. As a reminder, the latter is the little news from the Marseillais family.

She would have spent a moment with Ruby’s dad in a fairly luxurious hotel. It remains to be seen whether he will return to the screens. Case to follow!

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The Marseillais: Julien Tanti launched a new spade at Carla Moreau?

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