Carla Moreau cheated on by Kevin Guedj with Belle? She breaks the silence: “I am very saddened”

Would the jaguar be back? This is the question that everyone is asking in the world of reality TV. Indeed, for years, Kevin Guedj was known in the Marseilles like a real Dom Juan. Even when he fell in love with Carla Moreau, he did not hesitate to deceive her on several occasions.

It was only when the latter became pregnant with their first child, the adorable little Ruby, that Kevin Guedj really settled down.

Married and father of a family, he seems to have put away his “jaguar” costume, the nickname that his comrades had given him when he was foraging all over the place.

Belle Longwell, Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau @Instagram

A new deception?

But while we thought all that behind him, Belle Longwell dropped a real bomb. Indeed, after her ex Allan wanted to pass her off as a mythomaniac by claiming that she had told him that she had slept with Kevin Guedj on the set of The Battle of the Clans, Belle confirmed the information. She engaged in a lie detector in a Youtube video of Bastos. The polygraph would show that she’s not lying.

Kevin Guedj did not fail to deny these remarks. We leave you with our video that summarizes the beginning of this story that has not finished talking.

Carla Moreau speaks out loud

After a few words in writing, Carla Moreau has decided to speak out loud regarding this case. She first wanted to thank her community.

Thank you because you sent me lots of messages of love and support and it always makes me happy. Especially when there are times like this.

She later confessed to being very sorry for her daughter Ruby.

You can imagine that this type of video is not necessarily very pleasant to hear. I am very very saddened. Not so much for me because, personally, after everything I’ve been through in my life, that’s not going to make me feel bad, but it’s especially in relation to my daughter.

She added:

It’s not easy to take your daughter to school, to know that it happened the day before.

Carla Moreau intends to talk more about this story in the days to come and give her true feelings.

Belle Longwell continues her secrets

In his instagram storiesBell Longwell, who still sees people doubting his sincerity, said he would reveal more very soon.

I’m preparing something. I will explain in depth what happened. There are people who refuse to open their eyes. I’m tired of seeing that they are several on me. There are only two people who can talk about this story, who really know what happened. One of these people lies and the other tells the truth.

She intends to go into the details to prove her good faith. She claims that the wrongs are shared in this story and that the “only victim” is Carla.

However, she does not hesitate to tackle her by wearing a necklace against the evil eye. It’s hard not to see a pike about the witchcraft affair that had shocked the Web.

I added a new necklace, they ask me why, but anyway.

Belle said, deceptively innocent at the start of her video.

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Carla Moreau cheated on by Kevin Guedj with Belle? She breaks the silence: “I am very saddened”

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