The Marseillais: the show on the marriage of Carla Moreau is a flop?

Ouch! The marriage of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj was not a great success! Audiences on TFX are very bad!

Panic on board for Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj (Les Marseillais)! The audiences of the show on their marriage are catastrophic! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A turnaround

Since the witchcraft affair, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have decided to move away from the Marseillais family. As a reminder, Maeva Ghennam and all their friends accused Ruby’s mother of having practiced bad spells against them.

The reality TV star got therefore explained on the set of TPMP. Since then, she has decided to launch her own reality TV on W9. She reveals her intimacy with her little family.

Carla Moreau seems much happier and more fulfilled. She does her best to show only the positive. From now on, the couple is at the head of their own reality tv show which is called the Mif.

The first season of this show had great success. It must be believed that Internet users were eager to see the aftermath of the witchcraft scandal.

But season 2 looks quite different. Carla Moreau has decided to face the clan of the JLC Family. She is so against Jazz and his little family. The show will soon be broadcast on TFX.

In the meantime, Internet users can attend the wedding of the two lovebirds on the channel. As a reminder, Ruby’s parents decided to film their union pto make it visible to the whole of France, on TF1.

A marriage that is not unanimous

Note that the episodes of the wedding of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have already been broadcast on this same channel. In total, there are six episodes. But unfortunately for the former candidates of Marseille, this program is not unanimous.

This is what blogger iconic2tvr revealed. He confides that the last episode of the show would have made only 118,000 viewers. It’s not much ! The audiences are catastrophic.

But the couple does not let go! They are currently being broadcast in Clan Battle. And Carla Moreau has other projects. According to rumors, she was to participate in Dancing with the stars.

Jeff Lang2vip therefore announced the news: “Well, I know that with her singing talents, you were expecting her on TF1 in Star Ac. But it’s on the floor of DALS that we are going to find Carla Moreau”.

But change of situation! Another blogger confided that the production would have made the decision to evict the young mother. This is a hard blow!

“Obviously, there would be changes due to the broadcast of La Bataille at the start of the school year… It’s a bit complicated to put it on two channels at the same time”.

Namely that this year, the cast of Dancing with the stars is encountering difficulties. Many dancers have announced their departure. This is the case of the beautiful Denitsa who is now focusing on other projects.

It is the same for his colleague Maxime, who seems to be cold with the production. If the fans of the former Marseillais candidate are disappointed, know that this is only a postponement !

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The Marseillais: the show on the marriage of Carla Moreau is a flop?

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