Kevin Guedj makes Carla Moreau mad with rage by getting into a relationship with a candidate from the Fifty!

Since his separation with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj has fun. According to bloggers, he is already going out with a candidate from the Fifty!

Has Kevin Guedj become the jaguar he once was? According to bloggers, he has already turned the page! He was seen in a hotel in Aix-en-Provence in the company of a candidate of the Fifty that you already know! We tell you more…

A divorce that makes a lot of noise

The couple of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj has never really been unanimous, because of their past. Before having a child, they got together several times, in vain! The young man has always had his mind elsewhere. He did not hesitate to deceive his companion, even during filming, in front of the camera. But you have to believe that the little Ruby brought them closer than ever. They also made the pair during the scandal linked to the witchcraft of the reality TV candidate.

But this year, the couple sank. After filming the battle of couples, Belle, ex of Allan revealed that she had an affair with her cousin Kevin Guedj. Shocked, Carla Moreau therefore decided to end it. She posted the following message on Instagram: I think it’s time to announce my break with Kevin Guedj. I’m not telling you that I’ve been living through very complicated days lately. This situation is difficult to live with, but it is nevertheless inevitable. I won’t go into details. It took me some time to accept it and see it clearly. Learning a lot of things to realize that our paths had to go our separate ways”.

A long message to which Kevin Guedj added “You’re still the blood” ! Before adding: Everything is explained. We will have lived exceptional moments and we were lucky to have had an exceptional little girl. Thanks for that anyway. We will always be there for each other in case it gives people ideas. Since then, the father of Ruby be loose. Even his friend Paga revealed that he was a big jaguar again.

Kevin Guedj: jaguar mode activated

In the show of Guillaume Genton on Virgin Radio, Paga therefore revealed to columnists that Kevin Guedj had “moved on to something else“. “He let go of the horses. Knowing Kevin, he is separated and single, you can imagine… We call him the Jaguar… You can imagine that he continued and that, well, he resumed his role for a little bit. »

Eh yes ! Since he was single, Kevin Guedj let go. He combines the evenings with beautiful young ladies. The blogger Shayara TV even revealed that he was very close to a reality TV candidate who participated in the program ‘Les Cinquante’ on W9. It is then Cynthia, the ex of Greg. The two lovebirds were very close to the castle of Gaude, in Aix-en-Provence.

“They took a suite last night and are also at the spa today at 3 p.m. », she revealed, with supporting images. However, the main concerned denies everything! “Kevin Guedj, I think he’s still with Carla, I don’t know, I just met this nobody. Very nice by the way”she said on her social networks.

For her part, Carla Moreau is angry. After learning the news, Kevin Guedj’s ex shared several vomiting emojis. That has the merit of being clear, isn’t it!

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Kevin Guedj makes Carla Moreau mad with rage by getting into a relationship with a candidate from the Fifty!

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