The Lions gather in Toulouse

The Lions gather in Toulouse

CoSouth District autumn meeting on October 8 at Toulouse 1 Capitole University The Lions clubs of the Southern District organize their autumn congress in the pink city, Saturday, October 8 at the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole. The opportunity to strengthen ties between the clubs and the associations they support, to elect leaders and to … Read more

At the Toulouse Oncopole, the Maison de la Ligue contre le cancer inaugurates its premises

At the Toulouse Oncopole the Maison de la Ligue contre

the essential The House of the League against cancer was inaugurated this Monday in Toulouse, on the Oncopole campus. This 2.8 million euro project, unique in France, was designed for patients and their families. The place is as beautiful as the project. With its brick facade and its 19th century Toulouse architecturee century, the Maison … Read more

Well-being fair near Toulouse: between unconventional medicine and charlatans fair

Well being fair near Toulouse between unconventional medicine and charlatans fair

They are naturopaths, karmic mediums or even psycho-energetics. All take part in the well-being, organic and therapy fair which is held in Labège until Sunday 11 September. So, temple of well-being or fair for charlatans? The organization of such a show raises questions after the controversy over Doctolib, accused of promoting unrecognized medical practices. The … Read more

Toulouse: Who was executed rue des Bûchers?

1659360832 Toulouse Who was executed rue des Buchers

By hanging, quartering, decapitation or immolation, executions in public places were de rigueur in the time of the Capitouls. From the Middle Ages to 1789, the latter, city magistrates, condemned criminals who had committed serious acts to this tragic end. Specific places in Toulouse were even dedicated to it, but is this really the case … Read more

Toulouse. Dixen, the writer resuscitated Louis XIV as a vampire

the essential Very prolific author of fantasy and science fiction novels, Victor Dixen is at Cultura Labège this Thursday from 1 p.m. for a meeting around the third volume of his Vampyria series. It was while reading The Lord of the Rings that the French writer Victor Dixen discovered a passion for science fiction. “This … Read more

Near Toulouse: the Bagheera Yoga Club opens its doors

Yoga is on the rise in France. On the strength of this national enthusiasm, the Toulouse native Marie Valton co-created the Bagheera Yoga Club. Thanks to a trip to Bali, Marie Valton discovered yoga. Seduced by the discipline, she decides to follow three yoga trainings for his personal development. A teaching that made him want … Read more

[Lèche-vitrine] Mintaka & Co: a witch’s lair in the heart of Toulouse

Leche vitrine Mintaka Co a witchs lair in the heart

A bewitching place, named Mintaka & Co, opened its doors at the beginning of the year on Place Occitane in Toulouse. The café-boutique offers potion tastings, manipulation of pendulums and consultation of oracles. Aurélie Perez is the owner of Mintaka & Co, open since January, Place Occitane in Toulouse © Mintaka & Co No cauldrons, … Read more

The IGS Toulouse Group and Capgemini join forces to hire new talent » PACA’s economic and political letter

The IGS Toulouse Group and Capgemini join forces to hire

The IGS Group and Capgemini are joining forces to hire new talent from the start of the next school year. The IGS-RH Toulouse school is launching a tailor-made work-study program with Capgemini to recruit future managers in charge of recruitment operations in the information technology sector in September 2022. Hiring talent today is an essential … Read more