Interview. In Crulai, a tarologist helps you understand “why you are there”

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How did you discover your gift?

Régine Demoulins: At home, we’ve always done that. I had a Catholic upbringing. I even made my communion. But I saw that there were other things that existed. For me, there was nothing taboo. At 12-13 years old, I developed an interest in life after death. I became interested in reincarnations and discovered that the soul had come to have a human experience. As I explain on my site, I had the chance to meet a medium who allowed me to do a regression in my past lives. It really inspired me to want to do it myself for other people and that’s how I took Spiritual Regression Hypnosis training with the International Institute of Spiritual Hypnosis (IIHS).

Why did you choose the name Hypastria?

I chose the name “Hypastria” for its energy. I studied the energy of the word because in numerology the energy, in relation to the letters, is very important. Initially, I wanted “hypasteria” but it made me think too much of “pizzeria”. The energy of the name did not suit me, so I finally kept Hypastria. I’ve created HYPASTRIA for all those who want to understand the evolutionary journey of their soul and the purpose of their incarnation, as I say on my site. I help them see their path of evolution to fully live this life and go in the right direction or otherwise to unblock situations that prevent you from moving forward.

What are your clients looking for when they come to consult you?

I would prefer to focus on the life path because there are many people who are trying to understand why they are there. My thing is way of life. That’s why I do hypnosis. I am a specialist in past life regression hypnosis and it is thanks to these techniques that we will look for things from the past. They have consequences for our present lives. As a result, we can demine certain things and also understand certain things. With astrology, it is the same thing as when we make the natal chart. Our whole life is in it. I work on the psychological side, the karmic side of people, on their past and of course I give them the energies for the coming year. We are first on the decryption of who we are. In the natal chart, we can see who we are and why we are there and what is our mission at the professional and societal level.

Why use Tarology sessions?

We appeal to the tarology for questions of the moment. People come to me for a problem in their life, and would like to know how it will evolve. They don’t come to see me to see if they’re going to win the lottery but rather for a family, couple or work problem. There is always something bothering them. It also happens that there are people who come with questions and who discover other questions. The tarot is like he knows why you really come. He’s going to put the issue of concern on the table, not the one you came up with. It’s like a psychotherapy. It’s about discovering your life path to become an actor in your life.

Why use hypnosis?

In hypnosis, clients tell me about their life but differently from what they are going through. It’s the same with astrology, by the way. In regression hypnosis, clients can tell me about a past life but not the ones they are living. And it can help them to decipher their feelings, their behaviors or others. And above all to make sure that they no longer act the same. They become actors in their lives. But this is a brief therapy, I see people once. I can work even on weekends or other depending on their availability. But people aren’t always inclined to do that. Therapy involves a process. It makes you dream, but it is also scary. It’s not the period that does that, even if it can bring more discomfort and less money.

How are the sessions going?

For hypnosis, I put them in a chair so that they are comfortable. There is also a chair dedicated to those who want to test astrology or hypnosis. In my office in Paris, I am equipped for the same things. Astrology can last several hours. Besides, regression astrology lasts several hours. But it must always be done in a contract of trust, respect and security with the practitioner.

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Interview. In Crulai, a tarologist helps you understand “why you are there”

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