Interview: Patrick Sardais, tarology specialist, will be in Dieppe this weekend

Patrick Sardais will be one of the professionals involved in the clairvoyance weekend in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). (©Week-ends of clairvoyance)

As part of the clairvoyance weekend scheduled from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November 2022, the tarologist and numerologist Patrick Sardais will lead a conference and will offer consultations at the casino of Dieppe (Seine Maritime)

Before his arrival in the city ​​of Angohe spoke about his two still unknown activities.

News: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Patrick Sardes: I am 60 years old and I am a numerologist and tarologist. I have been working from the Tarot de Marseille for about fifteen years. I opened my practice first in Saint-Nazaire then in La Baule. I used to work as a salesperson but I have always studied maps, tarology and numerology since I was 20 years old. Today, my clientele has been created, I host conferences several times a year throughout France and I will soon be releasing a book, Become the hero of your life with numerology.

Can you define tarology and numerology?

: For tarology, we work from the cards of the Tarot de Marseille which are images. With three cards, we make a sentence. I often tend to say that maps are like a foreign language. You have to learn the interpretation of cards like a language. Each card has a specific meaning depending on the questions asked. That is to say that a card will have a different meaning if your question concerns love or real estate for example.
For numerology, we work from the date of birth as well as the surname and first name of the person. The letters have a value and we will create a personality chart with the strong and weak points of the person. This will shed some light on her, which will allow her to move forward on the questions she is going to ask herself. In fact, we are almost like life coaches, we will help the person to determine the right moments and find the right vibrations for them. But obviously, we remain in free will, it is up to her to decide whether she listens to us or not.

Interpreting the maps and data communicated to you must require certain training…

: We discover through books. In tarology, we will go to the Camoin school based in Marseille. We learn through training. Me today, I train people to learn to read tarology or to discover numerology. You can learn the tarot in three to four weekends, the same for numerology. Afterwards, you have to go to several schools and you have to have a certain passion to do this job and to make a living from it. It took me three years to make my clientele, we work a lot by word of mouth.

And why do we come to consult you?

: We come for a professional change, a change of life, new orientations, a change of place with a sale or a purchase of real estate. The big subject is personal life with love, feelings. Many consult for couples. When coming, I would say that 50% come for love, 25% for their professional life and 25% for a change of life. There are also many questions about the future of children.

How will the consultations go in Dieppe?

: They will last 30 minutes and will be by reservation. You have to take something to write down, give your first name and date of birth. Afterwards, we start a dialogue of questions and answers. We try to provide solutions to people, we are there to help and support them.
And for those who are reluctant, I already invite them to participate in a conference. They will see that we have a rather benevolent and open-minded approach. We want to bring another perspective.

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Interview: Patrick Sardais, tarology specialist, will be in Dieppe this weekend

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