Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira: ““Alma Viva” speaks of this Portugal of which we don’t know much”

Interview with Cristele Alves Meira Alma Viva speaks of this

In this opus which combines an almost anthropological realism and a tragedy of old tales, the director and director drew inspiration from her own experience to tell the ills of the population of an isolated village in Portugal. Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira. – Your film “Alma Viva” was made over several years, why take … Read more

This couple from Herviens will build an animal shelter and an eco-resort in Portugal

Unusual accommodations In this project, the animal refuge will stand alongside unusual, durable, light and ecological accommodation nestled in this green setting. “We are going to build different cabins and glamping-type tents there (chic camping). The idea is to create a place of slow-life where we put the human being back in his original setting. … Read more

Portugal is working on a tax on cryptocurrency gains

Portugal is working on a tax on cryptocurrency gains

Portugal had become a paradise for traders crypto in Europe and had attracted many companies and investors. He is now doing an about-face by saying that cryptocurrency earnings should be taxed. A position supported by the Ministry of Finance of Portugal The current law does not allow the Ministry of Finance to tax the income … Read more