Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira: ““Alma Viva” speaks of this Portugal of which we don’t know much”

Interview with Cristele Alves Meira Alma Viva speaks of this

In this opus which combines an almost anthropological realism and a tragedy of old tales, the director and director drew inspiration from her own experience to tell the ills of the population of an isolated village in Portugal. Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira. – Your film “Alma Viva” was made over several years, why take … Read more

Provincial elections: Alma wants to be heard – Le Lac-St-Jean

Provincial elections Alma wants to be heard Le Lac St Jean

By Yohann Harvey Simard – Local Journalism Initiative Reporter The municipal council of the City of Alma presents the priority issues for the municipality as part of the 2022 provincial election campaign. “The municipal issues in the current context are numerous and require significant action. We are counting on the next government to support cities … Read more