House of the Dragon: tell me your star sign, I’ll tell you which Targaryen you are

L’astrology is a solid science on which everyone can base themselves to make important decisions such as the choice of post-baccalaureate studies or marriage. It is also useful to know if you are a good person or not. So, thanks to Mercury in retrograde and the detailed history of the great Targaryen family — made famous by Game Of Thrones and today on the front of the stage in House of the Dragon — it is possible to guess, according to your sign, if you are a good King or a good Queen of Westeros, or a wreck who deserves a cauldron of boiling gold on your face.

Aries: Viserys I

Who is he ? He is the king in office at the start of the series House of the Dragon, fifth king of the Targaryen dynasty. He inherits a prosperous kingdom, but with his reign, problems and confusion begin in the clan.

An Aries would rule like him. At first everything would be fine, peace and harmony would picnic across the kingdom and bim, an Aries would land and with it trouble. This is its real strength. Even if he is conciliatory and uses communication to resolve disputes, the fact remains that he attracts trouble like your chicken-mayo attracts wasps. But let’s be honest, Aries is someone who is deeply kind, generous and knows how to have fun.

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Taurus: Daenerys, called of the Typhoon

Who is she ? Well, everyone knows her. Liberator of Essos, savior of Westeros, then dictator who ends up stabbed by her boyfriend/nephew Jon Snow, Daenerys is the representation of rise and fall in Game Of Thrones.

Daenerys is such a Taurus. Ambitious and persevering, Taureans obtain by force of circumstance and their sparkling charisma everything they wish. Except that like Daenerys, Taurus are big paranoia who think the whole world is mad at them. Their noggin having taken a few highway slides, they start freaking out about everything, even their friends, and end up burning down an entire city. Avoid putting on a throne.


Gemini: Daemon, the Prince of the city

Who is he ? The younger brother of King Viserys I. Ambitious and in lack of recognition, he decides to be a dragon rider alone. Whether it’s fighting or doing what’s called sex, he believes he’s above it all and that it’s all rightfully his.

Daemon is a true Gemini. If something doesn’t suit a Gemini, then he charts his own course, often making a mess of it. Giving a damn about conventions, Gemini doesn’t need to surround themselves to succeed. His goal, he can reach it alone. As talented as he is provocative, he will not hesitate to go beyond the limits of law and morality to achieve his ends, which makes him as effective as he is dangerous.


Cancer: Maester Aemon

Who is he ? The cute and lovable old gentleman who helps Jon Snow. In his youth, he refuses to recover the crown and prefers to hang out on the side of the Wall to become a stylish guy. Centenary and blind, he will announce the arrival of Daenerys on Westeros.

As the ham Herta, Cancers are superior people. Even if their physique is sorely lacking (2/10 for each eye, it clearly does not pass the license), Cancers are people of confidence, who do not want success or light, but just extend a warm hand. towards the poorest and the beautiful kids (Cancers are big bargain hunters).


Leo: Aegon I, said the Conqueror

Who is he ? After fleeing Valyria with his two sisters who will become his wives (too mims), he sets off to conquer Westeros. He thus becomes the first king of the Targaryen dynasty, reigning over all of Westeros. He is also the one who makes the Iron Throne by melting the swords of his enemies.

Leos are by definition conquerors. If they want something, they will do anything to get it, but without the mental instability so typical of Taurus. Loyal and upright, Leos remain trustworthy people who can be counted on. Even if they are an annoying tendency to sleep between brother and sisters.

Virgo: Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen

Who is he ? The supposed hero of Game Of Thronesthe true heir to the Iron Throne, an outstanding fighter and leader, a man in love and bruised, a man who knows nothing.

Jon Snow is clearly such a perfect guy that it becomes boring. Like Virgos. They succeed in everything, it’s unbearable. They are too beautiful, too good-looking, too quick-witted and gifted in their work, in bed, and even in the kitchen. On top of that, they remain modest. No, but please stop, give other signs like Cancers and Aquarians a chance. On the other hand, take advantage of your hype because in some time, you will no longer be anyone.


Libra: Jaehaerys I, said the Conciliator where the old king

Who is he ? Fourth ruler of Westeros, Jaehaerys I is the king who has been on the throne the longest with 55 years of reign of peace and love. He built the main roads leading to the capital, he listened to his lords, he wrote what is the first Civil Code. In short, the guy did everything well.

There we have it, our perfect Targaryen. It’s a classic among Libras: they want to succeed in everything, and in the most perfect way possible. Talented diplomats, they can calm tensions and are true born leaders. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see Libras involuntarily placed as charismatic leaders of their groups of friends. Neither arrogant nor venal, Libras remain modest and discreet and that’s all it takes for a kingdom, a family or a business to do well.

Scorpio: Rhaenyra, Claimant to the Throne

Who is she ? Eldest daughter of Viserys I, she later became a pretender to the throne. Torn between her desire for freedom and her duties as a princess, she never ceases to be in conflict with her father, while getting very strangely close to her uncle Daemon.

It is well known, Scorpios are torn beings. Whether for the big decisions of life (“law school or medicine?”) or the small daily choices (“fusilli or spaghetti pasta?”), Scorpios strain their minds for answers. Very often, it doesn’t do any good, because they put everything off until the next day to end up after drinking shots of bleach. Like Rhaenyra, Scorpios want to be free, but need to be guided to that freedom.


Sagittarius: Viserys III, says the Beggar King

Who is he ? A horrible fragile with a mop for hair. His best moment in the series is when Drogo pours a leap of molten gold on her skull.

Sagittarians like Viserys always overdo it. drama queen As desired, Sagittariuses make money from a trivial event, all to attract attention and be at the center of discussions. The worst is when they believe they are experiencing an injustice, because there, we hear about it for months and their record just goes on repeat. It is essential not to give power to Sagittarians, otherwise the Kingdom becomes a reality show, and that, no thanks, in fact.


Capricorn: Aerys II, said the mad king

Who is he ? The last King of Westeros before Robert Baratheon’s rebellion. His nickname is due to the fact that he was completely shattered and thought that the whole world wanted him dead. Ah, and he loved to burn people with Greek fire too.

Well there you go, we’re not going to lie to each other, things are off to a bad start for Capricorn. That’s the problem with him: you give him a drop of power and it goes straight into hellish chaos at 210 km/h on the highway, without a belt or a license. Capricorn is drunk after half a glass of white wine, looks for a fight with his best friends and goes to sleep as early as 9:30 p.m. Know that Capricorn is the only sign to plunge his hand into boiling pasta water to know if it’s hot enough.


Aquarius: Daenys, say it Dreamer

Who is she ? Very little known, she is nevertheless an important Targaryen in the history of the family. She lived before the Conquest of Aegon I. Thanks to her gifts of clairvoyance, she predicted the Scourge of Valyria and allowed the Targaryens to flee Essos to settle in Westeros.

Like Daenys, Aquarians are creative, low-key, and uneventful people. Beings of mind more than body, Aquarians have much more developed brains than average and are naturally more intelligent than their congeners. The only problem is their tendency to sleep a lot. From 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. the next day, it’s not even worth calling them to practice a sporting activity or cook a clafoutis.

Pisces: Rhaegar, says the Last Dragon

Who is he ? Eldest son of Aerys II, he was to be the heir to the Throne, he was to restore his letters of nobility to the dynasty. Best swordsman in the Kingdom, passionate about art and music, Rhaegar was a great romantic. Alas, he flees with Lyanna Stark and starts the rebellion of Robert Baratheon. The prince will be killed by the latter.

Rhaegar is a Pisces. Talented in just about everything he touches, he was promised a great future. Alas for him as for Pisces, love plays a trick on him. They are people of the heart more than anything else, and it always ends badly: either by a separation, or crushed by a blow to the chest. Pisces deserve better, because they are clearly nice cuties.


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House of the Dragon: tell me your star sign, I’ll tell you which Targaryen you are

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