Star Academy: the telecrochet phenomenon of the children of the generation of the 2000s

We recall. We are Saturday, October 20, 2001 when the television screen unveils the premiere of Star Academy. Viewers discover the candidates: Jenifer, Mario, Jean-Pascal, Carine, Djalil… They are singers, dancers and dream of becoming the next French star. The telecrochet is not really developed and there are many confusions. This is what presenter Nikos … Read more

Star Academy: ex-candidate Silent Jill reveals the sex of her baby!

Pregnant for the 4th time, the former Star Academy candidate Silent Jill has just revealed the sex of her baby to her fans. Silent Jill is a happy mum! The singer, revealed in the 5th season of Star Academy, is expecting her 4th child this year. A baby whose sex she has just revealed. MCE … Read more

Tell me your star sign, I’ll tell you which Bridgerton character you are

On March 25, The Bridgerton Chronicle will make a comeback on Netflix. The opportunity to look at the astro signs of our favorite characters. Aries: Eloise Bridgerton Impulsive and enthusiastic, Eloise Bridgerton is a true Aries. Far from being pushed around, the young woman does not hesitate to say what she thinks, to the chagrin … Read more

Star Wars : Dans quel ordre chronologique faut-il regarder l’ensemble des films et séries de la franchise ?

Star Wars Dans quel ordre chronologique faut il regarder lensemble

Comment regarder la totalité de la saga Star Wars dans l’ordre ? Pour réussir à s’y retrouver parmi les prélogies, spin-offs et contenus exclusifs sur Disney+, voici quelques conseils pour suivre la «Timeline» officielle. Il y a quelques mois, face à «l’angoisse» grandissante des fans, l’entreprise avait d’ailleurs fait une petite piqûre de rappel, avec … Read more

Most manipulative star sign – beware

Most manipulative star sign beware

What is the most manipulative zodiac sign? Being manipulative is a natural human trait. Everyone tries, in one way or another, to manipulate others into doing something unconsciously. But each zodiac sign has a particular approach. Still, some are better than others. Scorpio Scorpios are masters of manipulation and will easily make you believe some … Read more

Felicity Jones Wants a Star Wars Reincarnation for Jyn Erso – /Film

At a time when Disney clung to recognizable icons in star wars mythos to retain a sense of familiarity for the audience, one of the company’s biggest creative risks Rogue One: A Star Wars Storya film that – spoiler alert – kills off all the main protagonists by the time the end credits roll. But … Read more