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From his worst flaw to the reasons why the other signs don’t really appreciate him… You will know everything, everything, everything about the true personality of the natives of Gemini. Let’s decipher together this Air sign that really deserves to be known! Gemini, king of the double face ! Charming, funny and talkativehe always gets … Read more

How to please a Gemini? Discover the best gift to give him

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The astrological sign of Gemini is an incorrigible prankster. He loves communicating with those around him, meeting new people and having fun. It symbolizes curiosity, intellect and lightness. Discover a gift selection that could please this astrological sign. Party gift ideas the Gemini sign love to go out and have fun. For him, showing up … Read more

Gemini to conquer Europe – CryptoActu

Gemini to conquer Europe CryptoActu

Gemini, the Winklevoss brothers’ New York-based exchange, is setting out to conquer Europe. The crypto exchange platform announces that it is operational in six new countries on the old continent: Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Czechia, Latvia and Liechtenstein. Gemini goes European on a large scale Europe definitely seems to hold many attractions for exchanges crypto who … Read more

Gemini mom: how to manage your child according to his astrological sign? – Here is

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Depending on your child’s astrological sign, here are some tips for living a healthy and loving relationship if you’re a Gemini mom. After pisces mom, here is in detail how a Gemini mom can approach the relationship with her child according to her birth sign. The good news ? The special character of Geminihis sense … Read more

Here are the 4 star signs most likely to be serial killers… Jeffrey Dahmer is Gemini, a bloody serial killer

Here are the 4 star signs most likely to be

Is our life guided by the stars under which we were born? For many people, astrology is entertainment… However, many people like to believe in it secretly. What if the power of a constellation could determine personality traits, destinies? In 2008, Jan Ruis, a Dutch statistician, looked at astrological signs of 300 serial killers. Among … Read more

Gemini horoscope for the week from September 26 to October 2, 2022 day by day

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This week, Gemini will be able to take advantage of great opportunities. They will, however, have to stay alert because some days will be more difficult than others. Mercury, their ruling planet, will be in good position this week and will allow them to communicate with ease. Gemini, however, will have to be careful of … Read more