Why does everyone hate Gemini?

Liarmanipulator, hypocrite… In astrologyeach sign is very regularly caricatured but the Gemini is often the one who reaps the prize for the most negative clichés. And pop culture fails to give them a better image, quite the contrary. In the American series Brooklyn 99Jake Peralta brings his date to tears when he mentions that he is Gemini. In France, in 10 Perfect CouplesRomane hated Ahmed and spent his time snubbing him because he was Gemini. But is this hatred deserved?

The Gemini are represented by Twins and are often perceived as being double, liars who play a double game, who cannot be counted on. Kanye WestDonald Trump, Johnny Depp or even Angelina Jolie are Gemini…It is also one of the most common signs among the serial killersas in particular Jeffrey Dahmer or David Berkowitz.

Yes, Gemini love gossip

It’s true, the Gemini are often the first to spread gossip, they love it – but almost as much as the other signs! The Gemini are governed by Mercurythe planet of communication, making it real talkers certainly. And they’re not the best at listening. But among all they say, there are one or two tips that can be useful! And we have to admit, they know how to tell a story, whether we like them or not.

So of course the sun sign of a person does not determine his personality either. It is necessary to take into account the horoscope full of a person, and some signs known for their honesty can be ruthless liars and vice versa!

Why does everyone hate Gemini?

in mythologythere is a legend that explains this hatred of Gemini. If we refer to the English word for Gemini, “Gemini”, it is actually a Latin word which means ” twins “. And in Greek mythology there were famous twins, Castor and Pollux, identical in every way except one: Castor was the mortal son of King Tyndareus while Pollux was the immortal son of Zeus. When Castor was killed during the Trojan War, as Pollux was distracted and failed to protect him, Pollux begged his father Zeus to immortalize Castor so he could live in Heaven with him. Zeus then allowed them to divide their time between the underworld and Heaven.

This myth would therefore be the basis of the hatred towards Gemini, because how to trust a person who is in his place both in Hell and in Heaven? On the other hand, this ability to adapt is useful to Gemini since it guarantees them a open-mindedness that not everyone has. Gemini are therefore the most hated of the Zodiac since they are two people in one, but there is no real reason to blame them – apart from those who have wronged us in the past… Gemini have a lot of qualities to take into account, since they are quick-witted, charming, know how to adapt and have a natural curiosity and an open-mindedness that often relegates them to the rank of clown; sometimes essential to break the ice.

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Why does everyone hate Gemini?

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