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From his worst flaw to the reasons why the other signs don’t really appreciate him… You will know everything, everything, everything about the true personality of the natives of Gemini. Let’s decipher together this Air sign that really deserves to be known!

Gemini, king of the double face ! Charming, funny and talkativehe always gets what he wants! Between sincerity and vice, it is difficult to know which face we are dealing with. It is often advised to be wary of Gemini, but are we really able to resist their flirtatious smile? Gemini (May 21-June 21) is a great player, master in the art of speech and appearance. Charismatic and attractive, he never goes unnoticed! His good humor and contagious laughter make him a popular zodiac sign who is very easy to talk to. Like Mercury, its mother planetit’s a communications champion ! He likes meeting new people, debating, going out and having fun. Reckless adventurer, he particularly likes challenges and travels, all that is new. With him, it’s hard to get bored! But why so many prejudices about them? This is where the double face comes in! Behind his enchanting eyes hides a strategist, ready to do anything to achieve his ends! Like the wind that rules it, Gemini has the art of disappearing overnight and gets tired very quickly… For those who would like to lock them up, it is at their own risk!

Gemini: what is his worst flaw?

Like Mercury, Gemini is volatile and made of the unexpected. One of its biggest flaws is its great instability. The son of Mercury struggles to stabilize and keeps oscillating between his two faces. Mature or childish? Involved or detached? Games or authenticity? Difficult to project yourself with a Gemini. In addition, Gemini have the reputation of being a bit of a concealer. Allergic to conflict, they tend to prefer to hide sources of disagreement. Lies don’t scare them either…

How are Geminis in love?

Whether it’s a Gemini woman or man, this sign is a skilled seducer who does not fall so easily ! Generous, funny and sensual, life together is a real delight with him.. The Gemini native will take you to the four corners of the world and introduce you to his friends with pleasure. However, be careful not to ignite too quickly. Gemini needs constant stimulation and can go from anything to nothing in the blink of an eye. A romance with a Gemini is savored second after second!

Why is Gemini so hated?

Hated, the word is strong! However, it is true that Gemini is a astrological sign that is not often trusted. The permanent duality between his angel face and his demon heart is puzzling. Who to trust ? Gemini frightens with its unpredictabilitybut remains, despite everything, one of the most fascinating signs of the Zodiac !

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Gemini sign: discovering this very mysterious character – X Gossip

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