Astro: everything you need to know about Gemini ascendant Leo!

Are you Gemini with Leo ascendant? Character, love, work… here is everything you need to know about your ascendant!

The astrological sign of Gemini is an air sign hassome difficulty working in a team and following the orders of your hierarchical superiorsmeaux is very sociable by nature. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini communicates easily. While Leo, fire signwhose associated star is none other than the Sun, is defined as being powerful, confident and generous.

So what happens when Gemini associates with one of the most proud and proud signs of the Zodiac?

What is an ascendant in astrology?

In astrology, the ascendant is part of the horoscope that defines a person. In this astral theme, which is calculated using the date, time and place of birth, we find in particular the solar sign, the ascendant or even the moon sign. The sun sign is the primary and generally best-known sign. It provides information on the deep personality of each individual. As for the ascendant, it refers to the apparent personality, the one that others perceive at first glance.

But know that you don’t have to know your entire astral chart to calculate your ascendant. Some sites specializing in astrology offer calculation tools easy and quick to use. All you have to do is indicate your date, time and, if necessary, your place of birth. Then the site gives you the result in a few seconds.

Thus, a person born between May 21 and June 20 is Gemini with a Leo ascendant when the astrological sign that was in the East at the precise moment of his birth is that of Leo.

Gemini rising Leo: character

With the sociable and communicative character of Gemini and the radiant nature of Leo, you are someone dynamic, jovial and sparkling. Gemini rising Leo has a personality extroverted who has the spirit of initiative. You like to be noticed and you feel the need to be approved and appreciated by others.

The natives of Gemini who have their ascendant in Leo have tendency to appear superficial and egocentric. You have an incredible ability to reach out to others and you enjoy being around people, with a certain taste for social events.

However, beyond this apparent lightness, you demonstrategreat generosity and do not hesitate to help those who need it.

Gemini rising Leo: in love

With an ascendant as confident as Leo and a sun sign as communicative as Gemini, you have mastered the art of seduction. You enjoy a unequivocal presence and a charisma which would melt more than one. The Gemini rising Leo knows how to capture attention and express themselves in a charming way. When you set out to seduce someone, you usually achieve your goals.

However, you find it difficult to commit. You feel a constant need to please and very rarely settle for the attention of just one person. You envision stability only if you are deeply in love with your partner.

In his couple, the Gemini ascendant Leo puts everything on seduction and communication. You keep wanting discover new things together. Staying at home and locking yourself into a routine, very little for you! Be careful though, you have a little too much side authoritarian and dominant who can quickly smother the other.

So what are Gemini love compatibility ? Here is a list of the most compatible zodiac signs to those who are the least compatible:

Gemini rising Leo: at work

Gemini rising Leo brings together many qualities valued in the field of work. Indeed, the natives of this astrological sign are born leaders with a true spirit of initiative. You know how to express yourself in public and unite others around a project or a cause. you are a person voluntary, efficient and dynamic who spares no effort. Your competitiveness and your ambition push you to surpass yourself and always do better than your peers. Gemini rising Leo, you are stimulated by challenges and you thrive in jobs that challenge you on a daily basis.

However, independent in nature, you may have some difficulty working in a team and following orders from your superiors.

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Astro: everything you need to know about Gemini ascendant Leo!

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