Full Moon in Gemini: disputes to be expected for these astrological signs

Here we are: the last Full Moon of the year. On December 8, we will be able to discover the Moon for the last time in 2022, large and bright in the sky. This astronomical phenomenon has an impact in astrology: it generates questions and the need to make decisions.

Effect and Meaning of the Cold Full Moon

The Full moon is often the gateway for those beginning to take an interest in astrology. Many people notice that this phenomenon has repercussions on their quality of sleep. The Full Moon could lead to insomnia or restless nights. In astrology, this can be explained by theopposition of the Sun and the Moon. These two very powerful stars symbolize the forces of action and those of introspection which collide. No wonder we spend restless nights!

Each Full Moon has a nickname. The December one is “cold full moon“. The explanation is simple, as you can imagine: it takes place during the most icy month of the year. To know its influence and to know which astrological signs are affected by this Full Moon, it is necessary to know where full moon.

In which sign is the Full Moon of December 8, 2022?

On December 8, 2022, the Full Moon is located in the sign of Gemini. It is the sign of duality but also of adaptability. The star allows you to transmit your emotions without difficulty, to make yourself understood and to assimilate things easily. It makes you want to have fun and change your mind.

There is a specificity to this Full Moon: it is extremely close to the planet Mars. A Moon/Mars conjunction causes great spontaneity. It pushes us to act according to our instincts and not logic. Of course, this allows you to move forward and take initiatives, but it can also have consequences.

The lucky zodiac signs with the Full Moon in Gemini

Three astrological signs will benefit from the good energies of this Full Moon.

  • The sincerity of Aquarius : This astrological sign enjoys a period of calm and serenity. He shows sincerity and honesty which makes his social relations particularly positive. Whether with relatives, neighbors or new acquaintances, communication is fluid. As well enjoy !

  • Libra projects : This Full Moon could be the start of a particularly prolific new period for Libra. For a month, she will be focused on her projects and her desires. She is creative and full of ideas. You might as well take advantage of this momentum to concretely embark on a new adventure and stop procrastinating.

  • The creativity of Aries : This astrological sign has only one desire, to have fun! He does not want to bother with constraints and prefers to be entertained. He is particularly creative and inventive: the sign of Aries is well supported and a collaboration could even arise from this desire to create.

The unlucky zodiac signs with the Full Moon in Gemini

Some astrological signs will unfortunately have less luck…

  • The nervousness of Gemini : This astrological sign is on edge. Tense and impulsive, he may well have words beyond his thoughts. Now is not the time to broach divisive topics or engage in a debate. There is a very high risk that the exchange will turn into an argument…

  • Tensions for Sagittarius : The sign of Sagittarius risks having a big blow of fatigue due to pressure and stress. A small black dot in this month which is nevertheless very positive for this sign. It’s time to slow down at the professional level and try to put things into perspective.

  • Beware of Virgo’s finances : At the professional level and his bank account, the sign of the Virgin is likely to have unpleasant surprises. Impulsive spending, finances in the red… unless it’s too many Christmas gifts? It’s time to leave your bank card warm in your wallet.

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Full Moon in Gemini: disputes to be expected for these astrological signs

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