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Gemini, Libra and Aquarius… What pretty promises and what little surprises have the stars reserved for the air signs in 2023? Will their social qualities and their innate sense of communication find favorable expression? We lift the veil starting with the 2023 Gemini horoscope…

You know, the 12 Zodiac signs are divided into four elements: firethe earthI’air and thewater. Each element includes three signs that have some common characteristics (positive and negative). So the air signs are the Gemini (May 21 – June 20), the Balance (September 23 – October 22) and the Aquarius (January 20 – February 19).

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These three signs are characterized by their passion for debate and discussion, deep or convivial. They have highly developed social qualities. They are also thinkers and agents of change. As it is thought that dominates their life, they find it difficult to see their intelligence questioned.

2023 Gemini horoscope

Jupiter allows the Gemini woman to make resolute progress in its various projects until mid-May. This beginning of the year is therefore an excellent period for take initiativescontact people (or companies), make requests or even start a retraining project.

During the second semester, actions become more laborious and take longer to complete. It is therefore better to learn, to form and thinking about strategies rather than trying to implement them.

From a financial perspective, it is important to be vigilant about spending and to use common sense. Money can be a hassle, but it doesn’t last. Spring is a favorable period for placements and investmentsand from the summer, the situation eases and the budget regains a little more flexibility.

As for relationships, the year is also divided into two. The first five months are rich in meetings, exchanges and outings. It’s a really good time to grow.

On the plan lover, those who are in a relationship experience a year of great serenity with their partner. No downside: this is an opportunity to having a good time together and to cultivate complicity on a daily basis.

Single Gemini put their sentimental life on hold in favor of their social life. 2023 is not a year of romantic commitment… but this does not exclude meetings and adventures!

Woman Libra horoscope 2023

This year, Jupitergives the opportunity to Libra woman to exploit new resources and reveal its full potential. She discovers new desires, aspirations hitherto buried and she dare to push new doors. This is a great time to take stock of your life, goals, and situation.

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2023 is a good year to deepen your knowledge and take on new responsibilities at the professional level. It is also a good time to think about your future and the meaning you want to give to your work. On the financial side, the situation should stabilize, which will allow some Libras to make savings or promising investments.

Social life should also be dynamic in 2023, with outings, invitations and evenings with friends not to be missed. It will be important to focus on listeningexchange and complicity to make the most of these opportunities.

Libras in a relationship benefit from an excellent quality of communication with their partner throughout the first quarter of the year. In the spring, the marital relationship could experience some unexpected and exciting moments. The second semester will be ideal for looking to the future together.

Single Libras should have a pleasant year and fulfillingwith a potential of seduction at the top which will allow them to make beautiful meetings… and more if affinities.

Aquarius woman horoscope 2023

In the spring it is Plutoa symbol of transformations, which visits the Aquarius woman : it means desire for change, renewal and even reconversion in perspective! It’s about starting the year quietly, in reflection and preparation throughout the first quarter, to move vigorously into action. from the end of March. From the summer and throughout the second half of the year, the period is neutral, neither buoyant nor negative.

On the financial side, precautions, restraint and sobriety are required. It’s about paying attention to keep the budget balanced and pay, as a matter of priority, current expenditure. We know, at the moment, it’s not easy!

In terms of social relations, the native of Aquarius also needs renewal. She seeks to meet and make friends with people who come into his life.

At the level ofloveif she is already in a relationship, the year may be the occasion for a move or the crossing ofa decisive step in the life of two (new projects, new child, big decision, etc.). The time is right to give a new impetus to the relationship.

Aquarius Singles turn an important page of their love life: there again, it smells of change and renewal. It is also, for them, the opportunity to recharge their batteries, to evacuate their stress and their negative emotions and, above all, to ask themselves the right questions for the future…

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Horoscope 2023 Gemini, Libra woman, Aquarius woman: it’s not really not a year like the others for air signs.

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The 2023 horoscope Gemini, Libra and Aquarius |

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