Why people born during this period don’t have the right ascendant – Elle

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Published on January 31, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. ©lcodacci – iStock/Canva You thought astrology never mixed with history? Missed. People born during these five years have the wrong ascendant, here’s why. Your grandmother was born in 1942 and you always thought that her strong character was due to her ascendant Ram ? Perhaps you are … Read more

Astro: everything you need to know about Gemini ascendant Leo!

Astro everything you need to know about Gemini ascendant Leo

Are you Gemini with Leo ascendant? Character, love, work… here is everything you need to know about your ascendant! To read laterSavedFollow #astrology#Astrology Tracking The astrological sign of Gemini is an air sign hassome difficulty working in a team and following the orders of your hierarchical superiorsmeaux is very sociable by nature. Ruled by the … Read more

The character of Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius

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You are Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius and want to discover your character, as well as your love compatibility? Here is everything you need to know about your horoscope. the astrological sign of Sagittarius comes to succeed that of Scorpion! People who identify as Sagittarius were born between theNovember 23 and December 20. Ruled by the planet … Read more

Astrological sign: how to calculate your ascendant without making a mistake? – Here is

15 combinations of signs to form the perfect couple

Astrological sign, rising sign, falling sign… Do you tend to get the planets mixed up? Good news, understanding these key concepts is much easier than it seems! Demonstration! Many of us wonder what our other signs are besides the traditional zodiac sign. If this one have a huge impact on our livesthe other ancillary signs, … Read more

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its benefits and how to let go

The astrological sign, whether “ordinary” or Chinese astrology, is important because it defines your identity in part. It can help you understand yourself better and therefore better understand your relationships with others. Astrology, whether we “believe” in it or not, is an integral part of our lives. Your astrological sign, your ascendant, your moon sign… … Read more